Halloween 2013 and my first blog post!

For those of you who know me you probably know that I LOVE October and especially Halloween. My love for Halloween comes directly from my family. As a kid I remember always decorating our house to look really spooky, carving pumpkins, and getting awesome costumes that my sister and I probably wore multiple times before Halloween even arrived and for weeks after. Our family took Halloween very seriously and had so much fun! We always looked forward to each Halloween and all the festiveness that goes along with it. I don’t have any pictures from my Halloween’s as a kid, but I will have to find/scan them and share at some point. My love for Halloween continued throughout my childhood and into my adult life. Halloween was even a BIG deal at UCSB where I went to college…lucky me! I’ve been adding to my Halloween decoration collection and now have 6+ boxes. My hubby Chris has come to love and appreciate…ok maybe tolerate my obsession and embrace Halloween too! He always gives me a hard time because sadly we only have 2 boxes of decorations for Christmas. I keep telling him we’ll get there, but Halloween will always be my favorite!

Here’s a quick re-cap in pictures of our October and Halloween.

A few weeks ago we headed out to Half Moon Bay and jam packed our day with as many fall/Halloween/festive activities as possible. We visited two pumpkin patches, ran through/get lost in a corn maze, scared ourselves silly in a haunted house, took a hay ride, and just had fun with some friends. Image

With the hubby picking out our pumpkins. We even got to use a wheelbarrow to carry our pumpkins around! Image

Our carved pumpkins. Not as fancy as in years past…but they still look great! Emma did a great job carving her pumpkin!Image

The surgeon and Peter Pan PA! I love dressing up and ended up being the only person in my office who did dress up! Most of my students enjoyed meeting with their “surgeon” instead of their academic advisor yesterday. Of course Emma had to partake and dress up for Halloween but she wasn’t very impressed…the pumpkin sweater came off right after the picture was taken. Silly girl!Image

I can’t wait to have kids of my own someday to dress up, decorate the house with, take trick-or-treating, and share my love for Halloween with them. Until then the hubby and pup will have to tolerate my obsession. Hope everyone had a great and Happy Halloween! I’m already looking forward to next year!


6 thoughts on “Halloween 2013 and my first blog post!

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