Eucalyptus Avenue: Holiday Lights

If you haven’t seen the Christmas lights on Eucalyptus Ave. in San Carlos I highly recommend it! It has become a huge holiday tradition in my family to stroll down Eucalyptus (in car and by foot) numerous times throughout the month of December. The number of houses that participate have really grown over the years. This year I was surprised that both blocks of Eucalyptus were decked out as well as many of the surrounding streets. I love putting on my coat, gloves and hat and taking a stroll with some hot chocolate and Emma of course to see all the lights! ImageThis guy goes a little nuts! But it really is so fun to see each year. Image      

Haha always love this sign! Sometimes there is even real snow out front! 

This year Jess and Dan joined us on our stroll and they loved it! It’s always so fun taking people who haven’t been down there before and experiencing it all over again with them! ImageClearly we know how to have a good time! Props to my hubby for being able to get all FIVE of us in the picture! Love these guys!

One of my goals/DREAM is to someday live on Eucalyptus just so that I can do this! Not sure the hubby is 100% convinced yet, but I’m working on it. Hey, they also get crazy for Halloween! How perfect would that be for us?!?!?

ImageI mean look at this? Can this be my home please?

Anyway, can’t believe we are down to just ONE more day until Christmas! So excited!!!


2 thoughts on “Eucalyptus Avenue: Holiday Lights

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