Christmas Post…a little late

Before I post about New Years I still need to post about Christmas…so here we go!

MERRY CHRISTMAS!! Sorry for the delay, but with the holidays and traveling, time just seemed to go by too quickly! We spent Christmas Eve with my family and had a really nice dinner. We also went to Eucalyptus Street to look at lights…another holiday tradition. It felt so wonderful to finally relax, spend time with family, and enjoy the holidays!ย ImageHere we are with my families tree. I just love the glow of the tree lights! Mom wanted to go for a “different” look this year so she used LED lights which gave the tree a little different of a look…I think she’s going to go back to her traditional lights next year hehe. It still looked beautiful though!ImageGood looking picture with my family! Mom, me, sister Ari and Dad

Christmas morning there were quit a few presents under our little tree…we opened our gifts and enjoyed a cup of coffee before heading back over to the parents for Christmas Day celebrations!Image

Our traditional Christmas family breakfast includes Belgium waffles, bacon (YUM), fruit salad, and mimosas of course! After breakfast we exchanged our Secret Santa gifts, opened a few other presents/stocking stuffers (even though Mom said there wouldn’t be any presents) and just enjoyed time together. Later my Uncle Mitch came to join us for Christmas dinner. He brought his giant schnauzer Freya with him so we had a house full of 4 schnauzers! Luckily they all get along so it’s always fun! I got this lovely scarf from my sister’s boyfriend Brian and the hubby just looks great in is Christmas Tree Hat.ImageOn the 26th we headed down to SoCal to visit with Chris mom. We did our own Christmas that evening and went to an awesome dinner at the Rusty Pelican. The food was delicious and it was fun to sit by the water! During our visit we also went to San Diego to meet our TWIN nieces!!! They are beyond precious and were very well behaved (not much crying for fussing). This is by far my FAVORITE picture from the trip!ย Image

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday spent with loved ones…I know I sure did! Stay tuned for my New Years post.


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