NYE…Casino Royal Style

What better way to ring in the new year than with a James Bond themed party at Fort Mason General’s Residence?! This was seriously an AWESOME location for a New Year’s party! My college friends boyfriends friends put on these awesome themed NYE parties every year and this year just happened to included high end martinis, a whiskey bar, champagne, great friends/music, and lots of Bond!!

ImageWe loved dressing up for the theme and really getting into it! Clearly I also have a very fashionable hubby because he owns a tux and bow tie! Looking pretty sharp if I do say so myself! ❤

My bestie since 8th grade (Ashley) and one of my favorite roomies/good friend from UCSB (Eva) also joined us for the party. And let me tell you these ladies know how to paaaaaartaaaaaay!Image

One of our favorite couples Dan and Jess ubered from Oakland to join in the festivities as well. I mean what’s a party without some fabulous people? Chris and Jess went to PA school together and have been great friends since! I feel like this picture really captures our personalities and friendship hehe. Image

We had absolutely a FABULOUS time drinking martinis and champagne, taking ridiculously funny/amazing pictures and dancing in the new year! ImageCan’t wait to see where the party will be next year, and yes I am already looking forward to it! Hoping everyone had a very Happy New Year! 



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