First Autograph

Last Saturday (3/22) we got some FREE tickets to the Sharks vs. Washington Capitals hockey game! So much fun and such a blast! My hubby’s gotten Sharks tickets in the past from some of his patients so we feel pretty spoiled. Last season we even got to go to a playoff game! One of the docs he works for is actually the PHYSICIAN for the SHARKS team as well!!! Crazy exciting! Saturday’s tickets were courtesy of the hubby’s doc and they were AWESOME seats!!! Center ice and perfect views. We also got passes to go to the basement after the game and have an opportunity to meet some of the players. Even more AWESOME! Image

Clearly we were a little excited to be down in the basement as you can tell by the HUGE smile on my face. Luckily there weren’t too many other “fans” down there so we had front row access. On one side they have blocked off for family/friends of the players and on the other side a place for fans to stand. It was pretty cool to see some of the players come out in suits and greet their family. Dan Boyle has two ADORABLE little girls that were decked out in Sharks gear and tutus! So precious! At one point one of the little girls said “Daddy I want to go see the Shark head!” Love it! Those two clearly run that place.

Unfortunately not many of the players came out to greet family or fans. This might have been because the Sharks lost in a shootout. Such a BUMMER because the game was sooo good! We were hoping for a WIN, but it was still a great game and we really enjoyed ourselves.  

The BEST part of our basement experience was that I got an AUTOGRAPH from PATRICK MARLEAU!!!!!! He’s seriously the nicest guy ever and obviously my favorite Sharks player! When he came out of the locker room he walked right over to where we were and starting talking to people and signing autographs. The really funny part was that we were totally unprepared. Before we left for the game we talked about getting our sharpie and something for the players to sign but ended up completely forgetting. HAHA. Thank goodness the other fans with us were prepared. I was able to borrow a sharpie and asked Patrick Marleau if he would sign my sweatshirt. He was so nice and cool about it! I can’t believe this is my first autograph! Yay for Patrick Marleau #12! So totally awesome! 


We had a blast at the game and it was such a treat to meet Patrick Marleau and get is autograph! Huge thanks to my hubby’s doc who got us the tickets! Can’t wait until our next game! 

Can you say “happy camper”?!?!?!?!?


Biggest Sharks fan now…especially of #12



Weekend Getaway to Santa Barbara

Last weekend the hubby and I headed down the coast to spend the weekend in beautiful Santa Barbara. On the way, we realized that it had been quite some time since we last visited…try three years. We were there in 2011 to see my sister graduate from UCSB and before that it was in 2010 for our wedding! Crazy how much time flies. We stayed with my friend Eva who I met my senior year in college. Eva and I had the pleasure of being roommates in a triple bedroom in a house of 10 girls on oceanside DP. It was just what you would imagine… CRAZY. NUTS. TOO MANY GIRLS… but an absolute blast and we certainly have some very good stories! We’ve remained friends ever since! 

We started the weekend off with some hiking at Rattlesnake Canyon and a visit to Knapp’s Castle. Emma was in doggie heaven! That white schnauzer got so dirty and loved every minute of it! The weather was perfect and the views even better! Image

One of the things I love about Santa Barbara is that there is so much stuff to do! You can spend your morning hiking in the mountains and next you’re hanging out at the beach with friends or strolling State St. 

After our hike we cleaned up and headed downtown for some wine tasting! The wine scene downtown is getting very popular. Back in the day…there weren’t very many tasting rooms, but now there are a ton. We first stopped at an old time favorite Kalyra. It’s awesome that they have a tasting room downtown, even though I love going up to Santa Ynez. Next was a new place (for us) called Pali. Very modern and hip! Emma enjoyed her first strawberries and making friends with everyone! Last on our list was A V A which was just across the street! Best part of our whole outing (aside from the company and wine) was that we could bring Emma everywhere! I forgot how dog friendly Santa Barbara is! I think this collection of pictures really shows how much fun we were having!

Emma was the life of the party everywhere we went! People loved her and she was so well behaved! 

Like I said before, the weather was perfect over the weekend; actually a little warm for March with highs in the 70s-80s. That being said we clearly HAD to go to the beach! Because I mean when this is in your “backyard” why not go?! I sure have missed this view and being able to take walks along the beach any time I want. There is also something so calming about being near the water…I felt so refreshed after spending a few hours under the sun and by the sea.Image

I really loved living so close to the ocean and being able to soak up it’s beauty while I lived there. 

During our visit we also had to make a trip to campus. I feel beyond lucky to have gone to UCSB! It’s one of the most beautiful college campuses I have ever seen and has so much for students to do (both academically and socially). That was the best four years of my life! I am so thankful for the opportunity to have gone to such a great school and for meeting so many amazing and wonderful people! Proud Gaucho for life! Cait and I loved taking pictures in front of our old residence hall San Miguel too. I seriously lucked out in getting an awesome roommate freshman year! She is one of my best friends and I love her dearly! Sure going to miss her when she moves to NYC in a few short weeks! Thanks Cait for being such a wonderful friend. I’m so lucky to have you in my life!


UCSB and Santa Barbara hold a very special place in my heart. My parents went to school there so growing up we used to vacation in Santa Barbara. I was very fortunate to go to school there along with my sister who followed in my footsteps. We are an entire family of Gauchos and couldn’t be more proud! I met some of my best friends there, people who have had a large impact on my life. Santa Barbara is also where I met my best friend, love of my life, my husband Chris McConnell. In October 2010 we got married in a park across from the ocean and it was magical. I truly love that city and it will always have a special place in my heart!

Last on our “things to do” was to take a quick stroll down DP and check out that gorgeous ocean view we all miss! I seriously can’t believe that was literally my backyard my senior year! Made sure to stop at 6594 DP where some of my best girlfriends (Nisha, Jen, Vanessa and Elli) lived and my old place at 6573. Everything looks the same haha and it definitely brought back lots of memories. Chris wanted to make sure our names were still on the wall in The Study Hall. Good news, they were! Not sure if UCSB students still do the 50 Club but apparently the c/o 2006 had one of the largest numbers of participants! Of course they did haha! We spent many a day/nights our senior year hanging out at The Study Hall. Heck I think my hubby even had his mom convinced for awhile that The Study Hall  was actually a place where he was “studying” haha.

Last but not least, lunch at FREEBIRDS! Man those nachos tasted like heaven on earth! So glad  they tasted just like how I remember…yum yum yum.  Image

We really had an awesome weekend and were so sad to leave. Thanks for a great weekend girls! Until next time Santa Barbara! We LOVE you and will be back soon!

My 30th Birthday (just a little late…)

So…my birthday was in February and we are now six days into March…things have been a little busy. Here’s a recap of my BIG 3-0.

First of all HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to me! So crazy to believe that I’m now in my thirties…where the heck has time gone?! They tell me that this birthday is a milestone and one that should not only be acknowledged, but celebrated too! I have to admit, my birthday snuck up on my this year. And I was also kinda dreading/freaking out about it! For some reason 30 sounds so much older to me or maybe just so different from where I have been for the past ten years.

Someone I recently met at my friends Jess’ 30th Birthday shared an awesome article about turning 30. Isn’t Olivia Wilde awesome?! She has some really good advice about turning 30 and helped me put things into perspective. The reality is that I HAVE accomplished a lot by the time I turned 30. I certainly thought things were going to be different, but that’s life! It’s full of curve balls and other plans you’re not expecting; you just have to roll with it. This article really made turning 30 not seem as scary. I plan to follow Olivia’s advice and fully embrace my new “Cut the Bullsh-t and Go Be Awesome” stage as she says. I mean, what’s there to lose? Nothing! So, BRING IT ON 30! LET’S DO THIS! 

My 30th Birthday celebration weekend was full of lots of activities including my 7th Valentine’s Day with my hubby, a friends 30th birthday bash at Byington Winery, an early birthday celebration with my family and then my actual birthday. Man was it a busy weekend but oh so much fun!

I really love living so close to my family again! It was a blast celebrating with them. My parents really got into the “30” theme with all the decorations, which made it all that more fun! And yes, there are THIRTY candles on that cake (actually thirty-one, one to grow on plus the 3-0 candles themselves). Good thing I’ve had lots of previous birthdays/practice and was able to blow them all out!


Not sure my parents can believe that their “little peanut” is now 30…so thankful to have them as my parents! Love you both so much!

On my actual birthday, I was surprised in the morning with champagne and my best friend Ashley! She made breakfast and also brought along a wonderful tiara and more “30” goodies for me to wear throughout the day. After breakfast we headed over to Half Moon Bay with our pups and enjoyed a gorgeous day hiking along the bluffs next to the ocean and just spending time outside. On our way home we stopped for some wine and bocce ball at La Nebbia Winery (a new favorite spot). And to officially close out my birthday celebrations we had a delicious sushi dinner at Shiki Bistro with a few other friends. 


Thanks for all the birthday LOVE! I felt SO very special and can’t wait to see what this new decade has in store! Here’s to being 30! I think it’s going to be fabulous!

Image(This is what we made Jess wear for her 30th. Glad I got a little preview before my big day…LOVE it!)