My 30th Birthday (just a little late…)

So…my birthday was in February and we are now six days into March…things have been a little busy. Here’s a recap of my BIG 3-0.

First of all HAPPY 30th BIRTHDAY to me! So crazy to believe that I’m now in my thirties…where the heck has time gone?! They tell me that this birthday is a milestone and one that should not only be acknowledged, but celebrated too! I have to admit, my birthday snuck up on my this year. And I was also kinda dreading/freaking out about it! For some reason 30 sounds so much older to me or maybe just so different from where I have been for the past ten years.

Someone I recently met at my friends Jess’ 30th Birthday shared an awesome article about turning 30. Isn’t Olivia Wilde awesome?! She has some really good advice about turning 30 and helped me put things into perspective. The reality is that I HAVE accomplished a lot by the time I turned 30. I certainly thought things were going to be different, but that’s life! It’s full of curve balls and other plans you’re not expecting; you just have to roll with it. This article really made turning 30 not seem as scary. I plan to follow Olivia’s advice and fully embrace my new “Cut the Bullsh-t and Go Be Awesome” stage as she says. I mean, what’s there to lose? Nothing! So, BRING IT ON 30! LET’S DO THIS! 

My 30th Birthday celebration weekend was full of lots of activities including my 7th Valentine’s Day with my hubby, a friends 30th birthday bash at Byington Winery, an early birthday celebration with my family and then my actual birthday. Man was it a busy weekend but oh so much fun!

I really love living so close to my family again! It was a blast celebrating with them. My parents really got into the “30” theme with all the decorations, which made it all that more fun! And yes, there are THIRTY candles on that cake (actually thirty-one, one to grow on plus the 3-0 candles themselves). Good thing I’ve had lots of previous birthdays/practice and was able to blow them all out!


Not sure my parents can believe that their “little peanut” is now 30…so thankful to have them as my parents! Love you both so much!

On my actual birthday, I was surprised in the morning with champagne and my best friend Ashley! She made breakfast and also brought along a wonderful tiara and more “30” goodies for me to wear throughout the day. After breakfast we headed over to Half Moon Bay with our pups and enjoyed a gorgeous day hiking along the bluffs next to the ocean and just spending time outside. On our way home we stopped for some wine and bocce ball at La Nebbia Winery (a new favorite spot). And to officially close out my birthday celebrations we had a delicious sushi dinner at Shiki Bistro with a few other friends. 


Thanks for all the birthday LOVE! I felt SO very special and can’t wait to see what this new decade has in store! Here’s to being 30! I think it’s going to be fabulous!

Image(This is what we made Jess wear for her 30th. Glad I got a little preview before my big day…LOVE it!)


One thought on “My 30th Birthday (just a little late…)

  1. I am so behind on reading your blog so I just saw this! I’m glad you had an awesome day, and TOTALLY agree on Olivia Wilde. She’s the best. She should have a second career as a life coach.

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