First Autograph

Last Saturday (3/22) we got some FREE tickets to the Sharks vs. Washington Capitals hockey game! So much fun and such a blast! My hubby’s gotten Sharks tickets in the past from some of his patients so we feel pretty spoiled. Last season we even got to go to a playoff game! One of the docs he works for is actually the PHYSICIAN for the SHARKS team as well!!! Crazy exciting! Saturday’s tickets were courtesy of the hubby’s doc and they were AWESOME seats!!! Center ice and perfect views. We also got passes to go to the basement after the game and have an opportunity to meet some of the players. Even more AWESOME! Image

Clearly we were a little excited to be down in the basement as you can tell by the HUGE smile on my face. Luckily there weren’t too many other “fans” down there so we had front row access. On one side they have blocked off for family/friends of the players and on the other side a place for fans to stand. It was pretty cool to see some of the players come out in suits and greet their family. Dan Boyle has two ADORABLE little girls that were decked out in Sharks gear and tutus! So precious! At one point one of the little girls said “Daddy I want to go see the Shark head!” Love it! Those two clearly run that place.

Unfortunately not many of the players came out to greet family or fans. This might have been because the Sharks lost in a shootout. Such a BUMMER because the game was sooo good! We were hoping for a WIN, but it was still a great game and we really enjoyed ourselves.  

The BEST part of our basement experience was that I got an AUTOGRAPH from PATRICK MARLEAU!!!!!! He’s seriously the nicest guy ever and obviously my favorite Sharks player! When he came out of the locker room he walked right over to where we were and starting talking to people and signing autographs. The really funny part was that we were totally unprepared. Before we left for the game we talked about getting our sharpie and something for the players to sign but ended up completely forgetting. HAHA. Thank goodness the other fans with us were prepared. I was able to borrow a sharpie and asked Patrick Marleau if he would sign my sweatshirt. He was so nice and cool about it! I can’t believe this is my first autograph! Yay for Patrick Marleau #12! So totally awesome! 


We had a blast at the game and it was such a treat to meet Patrick Marleau and get is autograph! Huge thanks to my hubby’s doc who got us the tickets! Can’t wait until our next game! 

Can you say “happy camper”?!?!?!?!?


Biggest Sharks fan now…especially of #12



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