Summer/Beginning of Fall in Review via Pictures

I’ve been horrible about keeping up with this blog, ugh. This summer (May-August) has just been nuts with work and life in general. Here’s a quick update on what we’ve been doing via pictures!

5.3.14 We are pretty fortunate to not only have a handsome nephew Colton, but also twin nieces Madison and Kendall. They are the cutest kids ever and I can’t wait to see what they do in life. We are very lucky to also be god parents to all three of them! In May we headed down to San Diego for Madison and Kendall’s baptism and got some quality time in with all three kiddos!


5.14-5.18 In May I had the awesome opportunity to travel to Hawaii for SJSU’s first ever Frosh Orientation! It was a truly amazing experience to plan and put together our first program and then work with such incredible students. We had some down time which included a fantastic tour of the University of Hawaii, taking in beautiful sunsets, a beach trip and kayaking, and of course our orientation program! So thankful for this opportunity. Hopefully we get to expand and build on this program.

Hawaii 1Hawaii 2Hawaii 3Hawaii 4

This summer I was incredible busy at work. In my new role at SJSU I work as both an academic advisor and as the orientation coordinator. Over the summer I put on four transfer orientation programs and worked with the Frosh Orientation program doing eight 2-day sessions. It was a really busy/stressful/hectic/fun summer and one for the books! The best part was working with my awesome transfer assistants and the wonderful OL’s (orientation leaders). SJSU has some student leaders that will just blow your mind! Overall it was a really fun summer and I’m so grateful to work with such amazing students!

Tyler MaxOAT

7.31.14 On top of all the craziness with orientations this summer, Chris and I also some how managed to find the time to BUY a condo! OMG we are officially homeowners! Still not sure how that happened, but we did it. We found a sweet 3 bedroom 2 bath condo close to Campbell with a large patio! It’s been a transition to say the least, but cutting down on that 40 min.+ commute has been a life saver! We still have a lot of work/little projects to do, but are adjusting to our new home. Condo

8.23.14 Our summer wouldn’t be complete without a few concerts! So lucky to see DMB at the Greek Theater in Berkeley! I seriously LOVE that venue and DMB! If you haven’t seen a show there you must go! This summer they did two sets #DMB2Sets (one acoustic and then their regular full on jam session). I have to say that this was probably one of the BEST shows I have ever seen. It was a blast to be with my hubby, bestie (we’ve been seeing Dave together since 2001 EVERY SUMMER!) and her boyfriend.


8.26.14 Back at the Greek Theater for another concert…this time Jack Johnson. He’s another big favorite of ours and this show was unbelievable. We’ve seen him in concert before but it had been some time for us. This concert was AMAZING!!! Special guests included ALO (very awesome as well). We had a really fabulous time and loved all the SB/UCSB shout outs! Go GAUCHOS! JAck

9.3.14 Had the honor of throwing one of my best friends from college Nisha a tea themed bridal shower. I co-hosted with a friend Rachel and it was a blast! We went to Lovejoy’s Team Room in SF and it turned out perfectly. If you’ve never been to Lovejoy’s I highly recommend it! The service, tea, food, desserts, and atmosphere were really lovely. Having a party there was also very easy and so fun! We had a great time celebrating Nisha, wearing fancy hats, and enjoying some lovely tea! Nisha Tea PartyNisha 2

9.21.14 Nisha & Simon’s Wedding in San Diego. First we got a quick visit in with our niblings (Colton, Madison & Kendall) before all the wedding festivities began. Can’t believe Colton will be 3 in November and that that twins will be 1. Time really flies! Every time we visit we plan on taking a picture with Chris holding both girls just like when we first met them. So cool to see how much they have changed and grown!


I was so honored to be a part of Nisha & Simon’s wedding! Nisha and I met our first year at UCSB where we lived on the 5th floor of San Miguel Residence Hall. We’ve stayed really good friends ever since and have so many fun memories of our times at UCSB and after. Simon really is the perfect guy for her. I knew when Nisha sent out that email about Simon and said “I never knew a love like this existed” he was the one and that they’d end up together! And they did! So incredible happy for them both and wish them nothing but the best! The festivities began with a taco truck party in Mission Bay the day before the BIG day. The tacos were soooooo yummy! If you need a taco truck def check out Frida’s Cocina…so good! It was a blast getting ready with Nisha and the rest of the bridesmaids! We took some awesome group selfies and just had fun all around. It was also great catching up with some fellow Gauchos Amber, Nick, Vanessa and Jeremy! Seriously so glad we’ve stayed friends since our UCSB days! We’ve been at each others weddings and I can’t wait to see what’s in store of all us. You guys really are the best! ❤ ❤ ❤

 tacos wedding 1wedding 2 10639428_10103197195396692_5695880394020946606_n

Ok this was a little long but that wraps up our fun filled summer and the start of fall!


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