New York, New York

I just got back (late Monday) from a fabulous four day trip to NYC to visit visit my college roomie Caitlin. She’s currently living in the big apple (again) and working as a nurse! Cait may end up moving back to CA (yes please!) so I didn’t want to pass up an opportunity to visit her. It was a fabulous time exploring the city and just spending time together! I don’t think I have seen so much stuff in such a short amount of time or walked so much haha. I have a fitbit and we made sure to check it daily to see how many steps we had. By the end of day 1 we were at 37,253 steps!

Another fabulous part of the trip was seeing more SB girlies Eva and Maddy. On the left is a picture of us sometime during 2006-2007. The picture on the right was taken during our fabulous NYC weekend 2014. These girls are truly wonderful friends and I’m so happy that we’ve kept in touch all these years. I love them dearly and can’t wait for our next girls trip!

SB 1507723_10103478532355107_4466381783783112472_n

Day 1: I took a red eye out from CA so I arrived Friday morning at 7:30am in NYC and was ready to go! We did a ton on our first day in NYC including the following: Washington Square Park, Brooklyn Bridge, WTC: 9/11 Memorial, taking in Cait’s rooftop views, and Broadway show #1 Jersey Boys. You can check out all my pictures on facebook if you want to see all the fun we had.

One of the best parts of the day was the WTC: 9/11 Memorial. I was really moved by the memorial and found it to be truly beautiful. While walking around I felt a huge sense of peace and calmness. The new Freedom Tower and water feature is absolutely breathtaking. It was a very moving experience to be there. I can’t even imagine what it was like on that day in 2001. My heart was heavy but I also felt so much love and peace. The amount of work and detail that went into making such a great memorial is truly beautiful and such a lovely way to pay tribute to all those who were lost.

10624677_10103470698274667_7667951781744064763_n 10616400_10103478119722027_3861548292769925674_n

In the evening we saw our first Broadway show, Jersey Boys. OMG sooooooooooooo good! I literally had a smile on my face the entire time! I absolutely LOVE live theater like this and it sure made me miss all my years of dancing. I just can’t believe that this can be someone’s job…how cool to perform and dance for a living! If you ever get the chance, this is an awesome show!

10734101_10103478522420017_6863070559301662757_n 535897_10103478522584687_4627206599468850520_n

Day 2: We headed up to The Metropolitan Museum of Art. We saw an awesome exhibit Death Becomes Her: A Century of Mourning Attire. This exhibition explored the aesthetic development and cultural implications of mourning fashions of the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was truly fascinating! I kept thinking of Scarlett O’Hara from Gone with the Wind and the fact that women back in the day were very short and had such small waists! It was very interesting to learn about the impact of high-fashion standards on the sartorial dictates of bereavement rituals as they evolved over a century. I was also surprised to learn that mourning clothes were pretty expensive and meant to be worn for at least a year!

10685454_10103478524505837_8610239609789345791_n 10685454_10103478523353147_7025689477748322039_n

After the exhibit we also explored some other areas of the museum and saw some other favorites: Van Gogh, Degas, Pollock, Johns and the stunning Met rooftop. I loved exploring the European Paintings, European Sculpture & Decorative Arts and Modern & Contemporary Arts galleries. It really brought me back to my art history days!

1234607_10103473009153647_2385520830121995704_n 10610938_10103473004627717_8623108394691137494_n

After the Met and wondering through Central Park we had lunch at Sarabeth’s and then took a carriage ride through Central Park before meeting up with Maddy.

Once we met up with Maddy we ended up at Cafe Lalo for a quick coffee. Cafe Lalo has become known as the place to go before and after the movies, the theater or dinner to enjoy a great dessert and an expertly-made cappuccino. It’s also the cafe in You’ve Got Mail where Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks meet up.

 YOUVE_GOT_MAIL_CAFE_LALO_SEAT_UPPER_WEST_SIDE ny-lolo-closeup-by-jean-for-blog

Then we were off to see Broadway show #2 On the Town! Another really fabulous show or as they would say “It’s a helluva a musical!”


Day 3: Morning stroll along The High Line, Brunch at Bubby’s, walk through Chelsea Market, quick photo at Buddakan, window shopping in Greenwich Village, and delicious sangria at Barraca. After that we had to say good bye to Maddy who was taking the train back to Virginia. After we saw her off, Cait, Eva and I headed back to Greenwich and stopped at Magnolia’s Bakery for a cupcake. Yum yum. Think I need to get that Magnolia recipe book out and do some baking! We had a delicious “last dinner” in NYC at Extra Virgin. I had the best butternut squash raviolis ever! So good! I’ve really had a wonderful time exploring NYC and catching up with some of my favorite girls!

1510673_10103474757290367_8194128004357706484_n 10626565_10103474776696477_7801405449229272843_n10647168_10103474815114487_8845281837280487454_n

Day 4: Last day in NYC 😦 Walked up to the MoMA with stops along the way at Madison Square Park, Rockefeller Center, and final views of all the buildings and awesomeness that’s NYC before heading to the airport. I did not want to go home!

 1904155_10103476154395557_2098810556083357121_n 10734144_10103476157753827_8732289530484682364_n

One of the many things that I love about NYC is all the art museums. I was an Art History major in college so it was fun to be back looking art art and recognizing images that I studied. Maybe it’s time to switch careers up and do something with my art history degree?!? Anyway, while we were at the MoMA we got to see the fabulous Henri Matisse: The Cut-Outs exhibit. I like Matisse and remember studing some of his images during school, but this exhibit really impressed me. In the late 1940’s Matisse turned almost exclusively to cut paper as his primary medium, and scissors as his chief implement. This is what became known as a cut-out. It was fascinating to learn about his process; he painted sheets of paper and then he cut them into varying shapes and sizes before arranging them into lively compositions and creating striking images. The colors he uses are so vibrant and the technique is so good that sometimes it doesn’t even look like Matisse individually cut the pieces of paper and laid them on his canvas. I really, really enjoyed this exhibit and I definitely got my art history itch back! One of the pieces that I really loved is below, The Parakeet  and Mermaid. This is a really great exhibit and one that everyone should see! You can even buy your own scissors and glue to create your own cut-outs at the gift shop!


I had a wonderful time visiting NYC and seeing my dear friends Cait, Maddy and Eva. It was a perfect break for the craziness of work and we did so much! I’m really thankful to have such great friends and opportunities to travel.

Until we meet again New York! Thanks for a fabulous trip!



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