Halloween 2014

Happy November! I am always so sad when Halloween is over, because it’s my absolute favorite holiday of the year. Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to enjoy during the “holiday season” which I guess has officially started…but Halloween is still and will always be my favorite.

This year I feel like we were a little gypped…it’s been so darn warm all through October that it never really felt like fall. I was lucky to get some of that crispness I have been craving when I was in NYC, but I’m still hoping we get some here soon! Thursday night we spent baking/cooking Halloween treats and carving our pumpkins. They really turned out good this year and as always we had fun doing them. I love the fresh smell of pumpkins and finally lighting the candle and seeing your design come to life!


Chris’ pumpkin is on the left, then Miss Emma (carved by me hehe), and then my pumpkin on the right. Pretty spooky!

At work this year we had a potluck. I can’t remember if we did a potluck last year…I think not so it was fun to do something as an office this time. I brought Funfetti Halloween cupcakes and Lemon Orzo Salad; both were big hits! The potluck was fun and it was great that so many people dressed up! Last year I was the ONLY person dressed up haha. I think Monica wins with her AWESOME pirate face! Too cool!


We didn’t have big plans/any parties for Halloween evening, but our friends Jess and Dan came down from Oakland for the night which was awesome! We had Blue Line pizza (OMG soooooooooooo good and one of our favorite places) and watched scary movies. It was perfect for the rainy weather we were having and just an overall fun/relaxing night.

I dressed up as a ladybug and the hubby was Captain America. Best part of his costume was the kids mini-shield! Works perfectly right?!?!?! I just die laughing when I see him with the shield, too funny!

10698694_10103489533688347_4104037752549480350_n 10176259_10103489533673377_819407353538684359_n

We also managed to get Emma into her pumpkin sweater for just a few quick photos. She’s not too impressed, but oh how I LOVE that face!

10420186_10103490050812027_7103120153162867720_n 1508007_10103490050807037_8414850481804551203_n


These two guys are my new favorite duo! Haha.

Well until next Halloween! Hope you all had a great Halloween and weekend!

Also, I will be doing the 30 Days of Thankfulness again this year so look out for my first post in a few days. Anyone who wants to join in please do! All you have to do is share something that you are thankful for each day in November. Should be fun!


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