Willow Glen: Holiday Lights

Real quick, last Friday we had a holiday potluck/ugly sweater party at work. Sadly I did not win for the most ugly sweater…but I sure had fun making it!

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Ok, now to talk about the awesome holiday lights we saw on Saturday in Willow Glen!

One thing I love about the holiday season is Christmas lights. I LOVE LOVE LOVE walking the dog and seeing lights being put up and I especially love making an evening out of looking at lights with hot chocolate in hand! Very few people in our condo complex have lights up. Our place (inside and out) is decked in holiday lights and festiveness. Around our neighborhood there are a few houses that have lights, but not as many as I am used too. We’ve been so busy with work etc. that we haven’t even had time to drive around looking at lights until this past weekend.

Our usual go to place to look at holiday lights is Eucalyptus Ave. in San Carlos. My family has been looking at lights there for as long as I can remember. It’s a holiday tradition to stroll down Eucalyptus (in car and by foot) numerous times throughout the month of December. To read more about Eucalyptus check out last years post here and be sure to take an evening to check it out in person. I know we will probably take a stroll Christmas Even with my family…can’t wait!

So this year, holiday light viewing is a little different…Chris and I live in San Jose now so making multiple trips down Eucalyptus is not that practical. This year we had to find a new place and we found a great one!

The other PA in Chris office mentioned that there was a really great place in Willow Glen to look at lights…and boy was she right! Every year Willow Glen comes alive with the most charming light displays. Each house is given a small Christmas tree to put on their front yard to decorate. It felt so magical to see each house with a charming little tree on the front lawn in addition to whatever other decorations people put up! I got so excited when I saw the first little tree on the lawn…I felt just like a kid again! This is seriously one of the cutest things I have seen! Looking down each street and seeing little trees on each lawn felt really magical. You can read more about the history of the Willow Glen Yard Trees, lovely story.

My parents were in LA for the weekend, so we were dog-sitting. Saturday night, we decided to take all three pups (Emma, Spanky and Rascal) with us to look at Christmas lights. The pups were really well behaved and as usual a big hit with people. Haha. Everyone thinks they are super cute (which they are) so it’s always fun stopping and talking to people about them. I think all five of us had a great time looking at the lights and walking around. The pups were pooped by the time we were done. This made for a quiet drive home and evening relaxing on the couch.

The following pictures don’t even do this place justice! It was so beautiful and so much fun. People really went all out with their decorations and made everything look so festive! Some of the pictures are a little blurry…it’s hard to walk, look at lights/take pictures of lights all while wrangling three dogs hehe.

2 1

If anyone is still looking for places to look at holiday lights I highly recommend the Willow Glen area. Here is a map of the charming holiday lights.

Some of the houses were decorated so beautifully! I seriously LOVED these two houses!3  unnamed

One of my goals/DREAM is to someday live on Eucalyptus in San Carlos. But now the hubby wants to add the Willow Glen area to the list! He really loved the little Christmas tree on the lawn idea and not to mention the gorgeous houses! Well I’m SOLD! I don’t need to be convinced to live on one of these streets…where do I sign up? 😀

We’re down to just a few days until Christmas…so excited! It really is the most wonderful time of the year!


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