Christmas 2014

Another Christmas has come and gone! It felt like such a whirlwind this year! We did our little Christmas (opening our gifts to each other) on Christmas Eve when Chris got home from work. There sure were a lot of presents under that tree…haha. The hubby always over does it and gets such thoughtful gifts. Here’s a little collage of our Christmas.


After our gifts, we headed up to my parents house for Christmas Eve dinner. As always, the food was delicious and it was so fun to be with the family. My Latvian cousin Anda was there too! Last year we missed her because her family was in town from Latvia. We had a really nice time together. It’s crazy how fast the holidays come and go…I always want more time to celebrate with everyone haha. After dinner, we got in the car and drove down Eucalyptus to look at the lights. It’s such a fun tradition and the lights were so beautiful! Love these pictures and how they capture all the festivities so well!

10417770_10103588831709317_1346773563239851126_n  10882205_10103588910875667_6921261566977266790_n

This year we spent the night at my parents house, so we got to wake up there Christmas morning. We had a quick breakfast (no Belgium waffles this year…my mom couldn’t find the darn waffle iron cord) and opened our Secret Santa gifts. I really love doing Secret Santa with my family. It’s so fun to see what people get each other. We also donate in honor of our Secret Santa. I really enjoy donating in honor of someone and seeing where people donate for each other. This year I had my mom so I donated to the Steinbeck Museum. Brian (my sisters boyfriend) had me and he donated to the Girl Scouts. So awesome. After all the gifts were opened Chris and I headed to the airport to fly down to see his mom for the weekend in Huntington Beach. We had a really great visit with his mom over the weekend and a lovely Christmas dinner with prime rib and more presents!

On Friday we headed to Long Beach to see The Queen Mary CHILL exhibit and to walk around the Queen Mary. So fun! I had never been to The Queen Mary…it was awesome! The CHILL exhibit was a lot of fun…very cold inside where all the ice sculptures were brrrrr. Thank goodness we had parkas!!!  And of course we had to re-create a little Titanic…love it!

 10487416_10103593630851797_263542965307875229_n unnamed

Saturday we headed to San Diego to spend a little time with Chris sister and our three ADORABLE niblings!!! They are all so big. It’s crazy how much they grow! We last saw them in September and even since then so much has changed! Colton is so talkative! He can even say “Aunt Marisa” and “Uncle Chris”!!! My heart seriously melted every time he said “Aunt Marisa.” Kendall and Madison are walking and so interactive. Madison walks all over the place. Kendall can walk, but doesn’t walk as much as her sissy. They are too cute! We got time with just Colton and the twins, so that was really nice. When they are all up everything is full speed ahead! It’s hard to pay attention to all three haha. Even though it was a short visit I’m SO glad we were able to see them. I love those little kiddos so much and can’t wait to see them again soon! unnamed-1

Well that’s a wrap for Christmas 2014! Can’t believe it’s already over. It was a really wonderful holiday celebrating with both of our families! Love them all so much!  ❤ ❤

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!!! Wishing everyone a great last day of 2014 and a fabulous start to 2015!


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