NYE…Film Noir

The NYE party was held at Fort Mason again this year (read about our fun last time here). You seriously can’t beat this location. It is the PERFECT place for a party, especially a New Year’s party! I love being able to go outside and take in the sweet SF Bay view, not have to wait in long lines for drinks and to be surrounded by all of my friends! The theme of the night was film noir…so fun! There were tons of awesome party favors (red roses for the gentlemen, red garters for the ladies, candy cigarettes, horns, hats, etc.), a photo booth (with print out takeaways), great music, lots of top shelf booze and all of your friends. It was a little weird this year with no Nisha and Simon. It’s Simon’s friends who throw the parties each year and we started going because of Nisha and Simon. They are currently on their honeymoon/traveling the world for six months! Talk about an awesome way to start married life! You can read more about their travel adventures here.

We rented a hotel close by (thanks to Eva) where we had dinner and got ready before the party. Here are a few pictures of us at the hotel before. Everyone sure does clean up nice!

10882346_10103606198600927_9160746160413023250_n     10906307_10103606198940247_8483350994528604761_n10906418_10103606198286557_8919339398749071519_n

We had a pretty large group this year with eleven people total! It made the night so much more fun! We had a fabulous time taking lots of photos in the photo booth, enjoying our candy cigarettes, dancing the night away and of course ringing in the new year!


Our friends Dan & Jess joined us along with Scott & Mariam (Dan’s friends from SoCal also huge USC fans), Justin & Angela (Angela and Jess previously worked together as PA’s), and then another couple who were friends with Justin and Angela. We had a blast, as the pictures clearly depict!  10401999_10103606199693737_4723797146615663229_n  10868099_10103606199788547_7915696429816280121_n  10898307_10103606199549027_7800906656812059515_n  1495531_10103606199978167_5620565429392300630_n  10421152_10103606200227667_7240054814122699128_n  10881496_10103606201355407_2399513160654743394_n  10906355_10103606201260597_3125050009192473577_n  10462376_10103606205686727_8141944905792232598_n  10881619_10103606205581937_6103329805158708142_n  10906123_10103606206574947_3434650872788737556_n

What a fabulous way to ring in 2015 and with some of the best people I know. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Can’t wait for next years party! I think this is the only picture we got with everyone…and of course it’s blurry! 😀



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