New Year’s Resolution 2015

Happy 2015, friends!! Hope you have all had an amazing start to the year. It’s time to set some new resolutions for the year ahead. I stuck to most of the ones I made last year…not all, but I tried and that’s all that really matters. So here we go again…


For 2015 I want to live a more balanced and happy life. I want to say YES to all aspects of life. I want to say YES to adventures. I want to say YES to challenges. I want to say YES to friends/family. I want to say YES to all things! Along with the idea of “saying yes,” I want to continue to LET GO especially of worry, stress and things that are not in my control. I tend to worry too much and have a lot of stress. The goal is to work towards managing it all better and being more present. The big idea is to LET GO, SAY YES and as my MBSR teacher Cassie would say “JUST BE.”

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2. Keep reading (the goal is 20 books this year)

3. Work on my yoga and meditation practices

Yes you read that right, they are PRACTICES. You have to work at it. I think both yoga and meditation are a practice and I need to get back to my practice. My goal is to show up and see what happens. There was a point in my life when I was really into yoga and also started doing some meditation. I am starting to really realize how much I need both in my life!

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4. Keep a daily gratitude journal (again)

I did this last year and it made me feel so good! Keeping a gratitude journal I think helps me feel more grounded, grateful and helps me look directly at the present moment.


My sister’s boyfriend Brian had me as his Secret Santa this year and he got me this awesome book 642 Things to Write About. I really enjoy journaling, blogging and writing…I’m hoping this book might inspire me to find my own voice and do some serious writing of my own. Who knows, maybe I will uncover a really great plot for my own book!

So there is my list! I’m ready to take on 2015 and embrace all it has for me.

Happy New Year everyone! Wishing you all LOVE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and PEACE in 2015!



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