My 31st Birthday

HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY to ME! My birthday was actually on February 17th (I’m a little late in posting), but things have been so busy with two pups haha.

When I arrived at work on my birthday I was so surprised to see my office door decorated in an awesome “It’s a Party” banner. Thanks Cynthia for the great decorations and for making me feel so special. I also had a note from my fellow Gaucho co-worker. Thanks Long for the UCSB shout out! GO GAUCHOS!!! ❤ UCSB

Olé.., Olé, Olé, Olé

Gauchos, Gauchos!

My other co-worker Sara got me a very cute mint scarf with little hearts on it and took my out to lunch. So much office love today! I feel like my coworkers really are the best! Here’s a little collage of all my office bday decorations.


When I came home after work, I discovered a beautiful flower arrangement on the dinning room table. I had absolutely no idea who they were from. The GORGEOUS flowers were sent from my college bestie Caitlin!! Awwww…so very sweet of her to send me flowers on my birthday! Caitlin is always so thoughtful and I love her dearly! I’m so grateful that she ended up being my freshman roommate at UCSB and feel so blessed that we have continued to be friends since 2002. ❤ ❤

10403395_10103731649112097_1625417432563705546_n  11024709_10103731649102117_4767179473547667787_n

This year I didn’t make any big plans for my birthday. The main birthday/valentine’s present was our new pup Dash, so I really wanted to keep things low key. Tuesday night the hubby made dinner (Kung Pao Chicken my fav) which we paired with a bottle of our favorite Kalyra wine. After dinner there were one too many presents to open…I told my hubby NO PRESENTS especially since we got a puppy, but he didn’t listen haha. He is still so very thoughtful and I love him dearly! And I really felt extra special.


After presents we enjoyed some yummy cupcakes from Frost and spent the rest of the evening relaxing with our pups. I seriously couldn’t have asked for a better birthday! Thanks to everyone who made my day so wonderful!

10996061_10103731649251817_7959904754074499878_n  10985556_10103731649241837_7629005840880449186_o

Last Saturday we got together with my family for another birthday celebration! My mom made her delicious and my favorite spinach lasagna along with another favorite salad with mandarin oranges and candied almonds. There were more presents to open (too many again) and then cake! I love being able to see my family and celebrate all together.

11026133_10103734277913957_2727033838918583981_n  11024635_10103734277908967_3130118314874018408_o  10960291_10103734277903977_9174986525941113915_o

Here’s to turning 31 and really being in my thirties now! Looking forward to the year ahead and feel so thankful for all my friends and family who made my birthday truly wonderful! Love you all! ❤


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