Today our sweet, sweet pup Emma turns 5 years old! I can’t believe how fast time flies! It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating her first birthday.

Happy 5th Birthday Emma!! You are so sweet, full of spunk, and have such a great personality! We can’t imagine life without you and love you so much! 🎉🎂💕🐾😘

 Here’s to many more years of causing trouble together! You really are the greatest pup anyone could ask for! Love you sweet girl! 💖 XOXO


Lately Happenings

I’ve been a little behind in blogging…so here’s a recap of what we’ve been up too lately.

3.27.15 Ryan & Kristen’s Wedding

We had the pleasure of attending one of my oldest and dearest childhood best friends wedding!! I’ve known Ryan McGraw for 26 years…so crazy! He was actually my kindergarten dance partner so we go way back! Ryan and Kristen got married at Paradise Ridge Winery in Santa Rosa. The wedding was absolutely gorgeous! PR is a BEAUTIFUL winery tucked up in the hills and has stunning views. It was the perfect place for a wedding. I also really enjoyed catching up with some other childhood friends and of course getting to see one of my oldest and best friends marry the love of his life. The food and wine was delicious and we had a BLAST tearing up the dance floor (naturally)! I feel truly blessed to have known Ryan for so long and to be included in his special day. I couldn’t be more happy for my kindergarten dance partner! CONGRATULATIONS Ryan & Kristen!!! We LOVE you and are so happy for you guys! ❤ ❤ ❤

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Too see more pictures from the wedding check out my FB album. Oh, and when I find our kindergarten dance picture I will have to post that too! It’s super cute!

April Birthday Celebrations 

There are A LOT of April birthdays in our family. Chris 4/2, his Mom 4/4, my Mom 4/9 (Chris’ Dad too, he would have been 77), our pup Emma on 4/25, and Brian (my sisters fiance) 4/28. Whew…that’s a lot of birthdays!

Chris and I celebrated his birthday on 4/2 with High Tech Burrito, some presents and a bundtlet tower from Nothing Bundt Cakes. He then headed down to SoCal to visit his Mom for the weekend and celebrated their birthdays while I stayed back on puppy duty. Here are a few pictures from our little celebration.

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HAPPY 31st BIRTHDAY to my wonderful HUBBY! LOVE you! ❤

Last Friday we got together to celebrate Chris’ 31st and my Mom’s 65th Birthday as a family! It’s always fun to get together (especially since we all live close by), eat our favorite Chinese food from Gin Mon, open presents, drink champagne and have cake! We had a lot of fun and everything was delicious! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! Love you!

presents   unnamed

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Up next is our girl Emma (who will be 5…I can’t even talk about it) and then Brian. Can’t wait for more celebrations and who am I kidding…cake and champagne!

4.11.15 Puppy Graduation 

On Saturday our sweet, rambunctious little boy Dash graduated from his puppy class!!! Waaaahooooooo! We are very proud of Dash, especially since he was being a little difficult earlier in the week when we were practicing hehe. Dash had a nervous because he was refusing to go “down” and part of the requirements for graduation included that he could go “down” and stay “down” for 25 seconds! I think he was just giving us a hard time because on the day of his graduation he had EVERYTHING nailed down! We LOVE you Dash! Way to go!

Dash unnamed

These pictures are just too cute!!!! Our instructor Jazmyn has a great picture of all four of us, but she hasn’t sent it to me yet. Once I get it I’ll post it because it’s adorable! Dash will start the intermediate class in May (he gets a little break) and then both pups will do the advanced class. Thanks to my wonderful hubby who comes along for support and helps train both pups!

Last Weekend

I had my first transfer orientation of the season on Friday 4/10 and then had to be back at work for Admitted Spartan Day 4/11. We spent the rest of the weekend doing projects around the house and only two trips to Lowe’s! My wonderful hubby replaced all of our door knobs throughout the house and we replaced our entry light and hall lights. Love how just the smallest changes make our place look so much better! Sunday afternoon I spent a little time gardening. We have two kinds of hibiscus, marionberry, “jubilee” blueberries, peppers, and scatter garden flowers. We sure were busy!


Hopefully this coming weekend we can rest and relax a little more! Hope everyone had a great weekend and a is having a good week so far!


So I am a little behind in blogging about our wedding weekend fun, but that will have to wait. Today’s post is all about my wonderful hubby Chris McConnell…because it’s his BIRTHDAY!



I want to wish the best husband in the world the happiest of birthdays today! Tof I’m so lucky to have you as my best friend, love of my life, and partner in crime. You are one of the kindest, most loving people I know! Happy 31st Birthday! I LOVE you so much! Here’s to a fabulous day today and an even more fabulous year ahead! ❤ ❤ ❤