Mom’s Decade Retirement Party 🎉🎉

CONGRATULATIONS to my wonderful Mom who is retiring after teaching for about 35 years!!!!

Way to go MOM!! We are so proud of you and the career you have had!

On Saturday we had my Mom’s “decade” retirement party! It was an absolute BLAST! Decades was a unit that my mom was a part of creating at Hillview and was something that all students looked forward to in 8th grade. Each 8th grade teacher was a different decade. My mom, who loves everything 1940’s had the 40’s as her decade. For the unit students had to write a research paper on a certain topic, person, or event in their decade. At back to school night each 8th grade classroom was transformed into their decade and the students would put on mini skits for their parents, family, friends and fellow classmates. Decades has been a huge part of my families life! With my Mom being a teacher, we were always at Hillview. When decades came around my entire family spent the weekend transforming her classroom into a WWII bunker. My Mom’s room was completely covered in black butcher paper and my Dad would create a tent in the middle of the room. On back to school night people would sit under the tent an watch the 8th grade skits. I have so many fond memories hanging out in my Mom’s classroom, getting everything ready for decades, putting up lots and lots of black butcher paper, ordering/eating pizza and hanging out with her cool students. Decades was one of the things I really looked forward to the most when I was an 8th grader. Although this event no longer happens at Hillview today, I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my Mom than with a big “decades” retirement party! Here’s to the guest of honor! Let’s PARTY!!

Everyone probably knows that I love getting dressed up so putting together a costume for my Mom’s party was a piece of cake. My Mom really loves the 40’s so at first I thought of honoring her by dressing up from that decade, but I had to honor my own 8th grade decade, the 1920’s (my sister had the 1920’s too). Here are a few great pictures with my best friend Ashley who I met at Hillview in the 7th grade. We have been best friends ever since and are going on 18+ years of friendship! For 8th grade Ashley actually had my Mom as her core teacher so of course she had to be at the party!

One of the best things about my Mom’s retirement party was seeing so many old teachers, friends and family. My Mom’s first principal Mr. Johnson was there along with the man who actually hired her in the first place! It was also truly wonderful to hear such lovely things about my Mom. I already think very highly of her, but it was remarkable to hear how many people she has touched and how inspiring she is to other teachers! My sister and I both spoke and I think the common theme was that she has been such an inspiration to everyone! Both my sister and I look up to her and I know want to be like her! We also feel so honored and lucky to have been a part of the Hillivew community. We grew up at Hillview and all of those teachers are really a part of our extended family! Here are some great candid pictures of people toasting my Mom and the fabulous teaching career she has had!

To end the afternoon we had the pleasure of viewing the 8th grade teachers dance!!! This was hilarious! During decades each 8th grade class learned a dance from their decade and performed it for their classmates. One thing that the students never knew was that the teachers had their own decade dance to perform…from the 80’s! It was always a big surprise and huge hit to see the teachers performing their own dance after all the other students went. Some of these pictures are just too much! A real fun way to close out the party! At the end they covered my Mom in silly string! I just love her expression!

After all the dancing and toasts it was my Mom’s turn to speak. She gave a really great speech that was so thoughtful and just the perfect to say thank you to everyone she has worked with over the years. She is such a wonderful woman and someone that I really admire! Here are a few more pictures with her fellow colleagues and people I have known my entire life!

Everyone in my family sure knows how to dress up! Love these pictures! It was also really fun to have my three uncles, aunt, cousin and her family at the party! So thankful and glad they were able to make it to the celebration!

And that my friends…is a wrap! My Mom has finished her last year of teaching for FOREVER and we celebrated her in style! This picture of my Mom is just perfect! I think retirement is going to look good on her!

My Mom’s party was so much fun! I know everyone at Hillview and all of her students are really going to miss her! She is truly an amazing mother, teacher and real inspiration. She has impacted so many lives and is loved by everyone! I really enjoyed hearing so many great things about my Mom. What a way to celebrate such a fantastic career and an even more fantastic lady! A huge THANK YOU to everyone who put this party together! It was so special and I know my mom just loved it! Congrats again Mom! You SO deserve this and so much more! Thank you for being an inspiration to our whole family. We LOVE you so much and can’t wait to see what this next chapter for you holds!


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