Meditation Challenge 

Deepak Chopra and Oprah are at it again…it’s time for another 21 Day Meditation Challenge! It’s hard to believe, but this is my 8th challenge with them. I’m really excited to be participating again and have successfully completed the first week of the challenge.

The theme for this challenge is Manifesting Grace through Gratitude. Could this be any more perfect?! What I love is that these challenges always seem to pop up at exactly the right time! I’m always in a place where I could use a little more support or a little more focus. I love how that works out…kinda like magic. The image below works beautifully with how I am feeling and the essence of this challenge.

Practicing gratitude and manifesting grace has been such a wonderful experience so far during this challenge. They are both really beautiful concepts that are not hard to incorporate in your daily life. I’ve been keeping a daily gratitude journal for a few years now and I think it really helps keep me grounded, focused and in the PRESENT moment. Throughout my mediation practice and even during these challenges the idea of being in the present and recognizing you are IN the present moment is always a big focus.

I am GRATEFUL! Especially GRATEFUL for all the things my practice has shown me and made me feel. It really has been a transformative experience since I started meditating and actively making it a part of the daily life.

Like I have mentioned before, each day there is a different topic/theme that relates to the overall theme of the challenge, a centering thought for the day, a Sanskrit mantra, and a message of the day with a related quote (I love a good/meaningful quote)! The meditations are no more than 20 minutes and pretty easy to do each day. I always enjoy listening to Deepak and Oprah share their wisdom and it’s nice to have a few minutes where I get to be with myself.

Be sure to check out the challenge and join in if you would like. I promise it will be worth it! Until then…namaste.

P.S. I’m currently at 165 days of meditation! Waaahooooo!


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