Weekend Update & Yard Reno 

Greetings everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! We were super busy and worked our butts off!

Saturday we got my car serviced (thank goodness it didn’t need a major service or anything)! While the car was at the dealership we took the pups for a hike at one of our favorite places, Water Dog Lake. As you can see, Emma and Dash totally loved the hike and turned from white minis to brown minis haha. Baths were very much needed afterwards. The hiking at Water Dog takes you through the Belmont canyon and is just beautiful! There are also some awesome views from the top. Sadly, the lake was looking a little low, but we still saw some other dogs enjoy a swim! This was Dash’s first visit to Water Dog and he was a champ. I love that our dogs are pretty good out in public and like hiking/being outdoors. After our hike, we enjoyed a quick breakfast at another favorite spot, Pamplemousse. OMG this place seriously has the best croissants next to Paris of course! We always love sitting outside with our pups and and enjoying a delicious Parisian breakfast! Sometimes I really miss living on the peninsula and being able to go to places like Water Dog and Pamplemousse on a regular basis. So glad we got to start our weekend like this!After taking care of the car we went home to pick up our dog brushes and headed to Pet Express to get the pups washed. The only downside to Water Dog is that the dogs always get a bunch of burs in their beards and legs…not fun to get out. So glad to have our fluffy white minis back!

Next up was the BACKYARD RENO! We’ve been homeowners for a year now, but haven’t done much with our yard (it has just been a bunch of weeds and dirt). For the past few weeks we’ve been watering it down and breaking up all the dirt by hand. We rented a tiller (that only fit in our mini!) to break up the dirt even more. Man that was tough, tough work! We also discovered two large cement pillar bases buried deep in the ground. Those had to be dug up by hand and delayed our tilling progress somewhat. It was really hard work, but it felt so good to get dirty and make some progress on our yard. I even manned the tiller! New skills here!

Sunday we tilled once more and then laid down some fresh dirt and mixed that in. We got our tiller returned and felt pretty excited with all our hard work! Love that the only car the tiller would fit in was the mini. Very hilarious picking it up from the rental place and returning it hahaha.

And here’s the finished product…for now! We aren’t done just yet, but we made pretty good progress this weekend. We installed a black edger underneath our fence so that Dash can’t stick his head out any more. Additionally, we put in a stone edge and created a nice littler boarder. We will most likely plant some of our plants into the ground, but for now they will stay in their pots. In a few weeks we plan to put sod in the open dirt area. I think bot Emma and Dash will enjoy running and playing on the grass. Can’t wait for everything to be completed!

Over the weekend some of my hibiscus plants also bloomed like crazy! What a treat to see some many flowers. I love hibiscus…they make me feel like a little bit of Hawaii is with me 😀

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I’m wrapping up my LAST frosh orientation of the summer and can’t wait to be done! Have a good week everyone!



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