Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday everyone! Hope you all enjoyed the looooong weekend! We sure did! Sunday just felt glorious knowing that we didn’t have to go to work on Monday. That 3-day weekend was so needed and it was really nice just relaxing around our place.

Saturday started with breakfast at Stack’s and then Emma’s vet appointment. She got her stitches out (YAY!) and should be good to go now. We hung out with my parents for a while before heading home to watch the (late!) USC game. USC got the WIN and it was a prefect start of the football season! Go Trojans and FIGHT ON!

We did a lot of bbqing, hanging out, swimming, gardening, lounging with our pups and just enjoying the long weekend. Sunday night we had chimichurri steak tacos…can you say delicious?! Yum! We also worked in our yard, planted two jasmine plants, and I made another succulent garden. It was so warm on Monday we enjoyed the pool again and tried a new tea place called The Tea Zone & Fruit Bar. We loved our drinks and they were so refreshing! I know we’ll be going back again soon!

It was a really lovely weekend, but I’m already looking forward to next weekend…

Because we are seeing DAVE MATTHEWS BAND on FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m beyond excited and have been waiting ALL summer for this concert! I absolutely LOVE DMB!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhh! Nothing is better than a little DMB! I’ll be blogging about the concert and everything else we have going on this weekend next week.

Here’s to short work week! Have a great one!



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