Weekend Update: BUSY 

Happy Monday everyone! Hope you’ll had a wonderful weekend. Ours was fun, but oh so very busy! We literally had plans every day/night. Here’s the recap:

1. Friday 9.11 — DMB

FINALLY!!!!!!!! I had been waiting ALL summer for this concert! If you didn’t know already I am a HUGE DMB fan! I remember in high school I was going through my parents cd tower and came across a cd called ‘Under the Table and Dreaming’ by a band called Dave Matthews Band. Interested, I put it on and the rest is history! I have been seeing DMB every single year since 2002 and I plan on continuing that tradition! 🙂

The concert Friday night was at Shoreline Amphitheater, which is a great outdoor venue. We love getting there early and camping out on the lawn before the concert starts. This year we had a pretty big group which included, me and the hubby, my bestie Ashley and her boyfriend Anthony, Christina and her boyfriend Brett and then my co-worker/boss Sara and her hubby Joe as well as two other couple friends of theirs. Quite the group! WE had an absolute BLAST as you can probably tell from these pictures!
Ashley (my bestie) and I have been seeing DMB every year since 2002! It’s something that we both really look forward too each summer and I honestly can’t imagine not seeing DMB with her! Chris (my hubby) and I have been seeing them since 2006, again great concert going partner. I’m a huge DMB fan so going to these shows is seriously so much fun and I just love it! I’m sad it’s already over and done with.We had awesome lawn seats thanks to getting there early that we also had a great shot of the big screen! Love these photos of Dave! Always a good show no matter what the set list is.
This pictures is probably by far my favorite of all time! Thanks to Christina for the nice collage! We totally recreate a picture we took at Dave in 2013 and it turned out awesome! Seriously on point! Can’t imagine going to Dave with anyone else other than these peeps! We’re already looking forward to next summer. WE LOVE DMB! ❤ ❤ ❤
2. Saturday 9.12 — SJ Earthquakes

Chris scored some tickets to the San Jose Earthquakes soccer game Saturday night so we took advantage! One thing I love about his job is some of the free tickets he gets.

Avaya is a brand new soccer stadium and since moving to San Jose we have watched it being built. It was fun to finally go to a game and see the new stadium. Unfortunately, we didn’t partake in any of the eateries or adult beverages, but enjoyed our sweet seats and the soccer game. It got pretty chippy towards the end when the Quakes were up 1-0, but the game ended in a tie 1-1. Looking forward to maybe more free tickets in the future. Next time we are going to be sure to enjoy the eateries and adult beverages.

Previous to the soccer game we watched the USC-Idaho game and we got another WIN! All is well after a USC victory! 

3. Sunday 9.13 — Bella Vineyards & Wine Caves Pickup

After a few wine tasting trips in the Alexander Valley, we finally decided to become members at one of our favorite places, Bella Vineyard & Wine Caves. Bella is located in Healdsburg, CA and we just love everything about it! The location (quiet and off a small dirt road); the laid back atmosphere (not crazy busy like most of the places in the Napa Valley…although we do like some wineries in that area too); and the beyond friendly staff (everyone is so kind/nice and always let you sample some off the menu wines). These are just a few of the reasons why I love Bella.

Anyway, we went up there to pick up our wine club shipments and made a little day out of it. We took our two pups and packed a little picnic (stopped at Dry Creek General Store for sandwiches-yum!). Although Bella is far away, it’s always so nice to get out and relax in wine country. And it’s always gorgeous! Despite all the terrible fires that are happening in that area, it was still so beautiful and really peaceful. Emma and Dash did a pretty good job with us and certainly made friendly with the staff. Can’t wait to go back later this fall to pick up another shipment! We sure do love wine and have a growing collection! Who wants to come over for a glass of wine?

Well that was our BUSY weekend! Almost a little too busy for us, but we had a ton of fun doing everything that we did. What did you all do?

Wishing everyone an awesome week!



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