Paint Nite 🍹🎨🍷

Happy Thursday everyone! Lots of blog post from me this week, hope you don’t mind.

Last night a few co-workers and I cashed in our groupon that we purchased a few months ago to attended Paint Nite at Billy Berk’s in downtown San Jose. OMG it was an absolute blast! If you’ve never done something like this I highly recommend it. We had so much fun…as these pictures clearly depict!

Paint Nite is all about mixing paint and cocktails for a “picture perfect nite on the town”! Sounds pretty good to me! They host the event at a variety of local bars and restaurants, so you get to pick where you want to go. When you sign up you pick which painting/location you want to attend. Makes it fun because you could totally pick based on your favorite happy hour spot or which painting you like the best.

In about 2 hours’ time, a master artist leads your party through the steps to create an acrylic masterpiece (all painting supplies included) that you get to bring home with you at the end of the night! What better way to spend your evening than having a few drinks, painting and enjoying some girl time! You have to check Paint Nite out! Seriously the most fun you can have! 

Everything about Paint Nite was so easy! We had fun getting a few drinks and appetizers before our event started and just winding down from the work day. We got to paint in this super cute private patio with about 20-25 other people. This made the paint party feel more private and special. All of the materials were already set up for us and the artist literally took us step-by-step through our painting. Clearly we had a blast drinking, painting and taking LOTS of pictures! 

These ladies make such awesome coworkers and I feel so lucky to get to work with them. They certainly make work more fun! Now we have an awesome painting to hand in our offices! It’s so cool to see how differently our paintings turned out. We all added our own artistic touch to the paintings and they really came out great! I can’t wait until our next after work adventure! Thanks for such a fun night ladies, you all are the best!

Hope everyone has a great rest of their week…it’s almost Friday which means it’s almost time for the weekend! Yay! Have a good one and be sure to check out Paint Nite! I’m ready to go back! 🍹🎨🍷


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