Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary! 10.02.15 💕👫💕


It’s hard to believe that five years have already come and gone. Time sure does fly by fast when you’re having FUN with the one you LOVE. I seriously can’t imagine getting to spend forever with other than Chris! He’s beyond caring, supportive and loving. And he always makes me feel so special and important. The past five years have been a whirlwind of finishing graduate school (for both of us), new jobs, multiple moves, buying a home, and getting a new dog. Lots of highs and lows, but no matter what Chris has been by my side and biggest cheerleader! I don’t know what I would do without him. He is my absolute best friend and I am so lucky to have him as my hubby! THANK YOU for everything that you do! I LOVE YOU! ❤ ❤ ❤

Chris and I got married in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA on October 2, 2010. Our wedding ceremony was at Chase Palm Park and our reception was at Hotel Mar Monte (now a Hyatt). Santa Barbara holds a really special place in both of our hearts. We both went to college at UCSB along with my parents and sister (we are a family full of Gauchos). Ultimately, that’s where we met and then fell in love, so naturally we had to get married in Santa Barbara. I can’t imagine being anywhere else on that day surrounded by all of our friends and family.

Since there are so many Gauchos in our family and we had so many of our college friends at the wedding, my Dad had a separate toast just for us Gauchos! We busted out into our theme song as well…

Olé.., Olé, Olé, Olé

Gauchos, Gauchos!

Such a blast having so many Gauchos all in one place!

Chase Palm Park has a carousel so after our ceremony we took a ride along with a bunch of pictures with our wedding party! So much fun to be on a carousel in a wedding dress…something I will never forget! THANK YOU to all our friends who traveled near and far to be with us on that day. We were so happy to share our special day with you all! Also, a special shout out to our fabulous wedding party (Ariana, Ashley, Caitlin, Maddy, Melvin, Coury, Ashley R., Brian, and flower gilr Sierra) for being so awesome and willing to be in our wedding. You all are the best!

I also wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to our amazing family (pictured below) for helping us have the wedding of our dreams! We love you all so much and are so very thankful for your continued love and support!

Just for fun, my bestie Ashley sent us these adorable Peanuts characters of me and the hubby! It’s so cute and totally looks just like us! You can get peanutized yourself! Try it out, it’s really fun!

This is so fitting for today, because on October 2, 1950 the first Peanuts comic strip was published! We love the Peanuts gang. How fun to share this special day together!

We are leaving work early today and headed to Lake Tahoe, CA to celebrate our anniversary for the weekend. We have been following the “traditional” anniversary gifts each year and it’s been very entertaining. HaHaHa. Lake Tahoe is the perfect location for our “wood” themed 5th anniversary celebration. I’ll be sure to blog about our weekend next week when we get back. Until then, happy Friday everyone and have a great weekend!


P.S. I LOVE YOU TOF!!! Can’t wait to get out of town and celebrate 5 years of marriage with you!


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