Weekend Update: Anniversary Addition 🌲🐾🐾🌲

Happy Monday everyone! We got back from our weekend away yesterday afternoon and I’m surprisingly not too tired today haha. Must have been all that fresh air and relaxation I got. Here’s a recap our our wonderful celebratory weekend.  💕👫💕

10.01.15 I came home from work and found these gorgeous roses on the kitchen table! 🌳 🌹🌹🌹🌳 Chris always manages to surprise me every year! Honestly, I don’t expect flowers every year…but the hubby always keeps me on my toes. These are seriously so stunning and very romantic. Along with the roses there was also another box…inside that box was a small tree! This little tree can grow to be 15 ft. tall! Where the heck are we going to put this one?!?!

After walking the dogs and feeding them dinner we headed to Los Gatos for an early anniversary dinner. I found this great place called Coup de Thai and boy was it delicious! We both really like Thai food, so this was perfect for our celebratory dinner. We got all dressed up (even though the place was super causal) and enjoyed a delicious meal. During our anniversary dinners we always talk about how much fun our wedding was, funny moments from that day, where we thought we would be today and what we think the next year will hold for us. It’s always fun reminiscing and just talking so openly with each other. I feel so lucky to have someone like Chris as my husband. We are both each others biggest cheerleaders and supporters. After dinner we headed to Yogurtland for dessert and then home to open a few presents.

Like you may have read from last weeks post, the “traditional” anniversary gift for 5 years of marriage is wood. We always manage to stick close to the theme and this year was no different. This year I got a “wooden” card and a “wood” box with a beautiful necklace! The necklace has 5 interlocking rings to symbolize our 5 years of marriage. OMG who is this romantic guy?!?! So glad he’s mine! I got Chris a “wood” cheese plate that has a slate inlay. It also has our names + wedding date engraved in the wood.

I think I did pretty good this year! Normally I go more for the funny/joke side of whatever the theme is. For example, our first year (which was paper) I mailed Chris rolls of toilet paper. Pretty funny HaHaHa right?! I certainly thought so! Chris on the other hand tends to go the more sentimental and romantic route. That first year he got me a beautiful paper journal and wrote our wedding vows inside…melts my heart! He pretty much wins every! It’s been so much fun following the “tradition” anniversary gift guide.

10.02.15  We both left work early and then headed to Truckee, CA for the weekend to continue our “wood” themed celebration. Luckily we had a free cabin (thanks Dr. G!) to stay in for the weekend. After arriving, we unpacked a little and just hung out. Had to take some pictures with our babies…aka Emma and Dash of course. This was Emma’s second time to the cabin and Dash’s first. They both LOVED it. We could have left them outside on the deck to just sniff all night haha.

Friday night was absolutely perfect just hanging out at the cabin with our pups and enjoying a delicious Round Table Pizza, salad and some wine. For dessert we had an AMAZING pie from Ikeda’s with vanilla ice cream. If you are ever on your way to Tahoe via Auburn you MUST stop at Ikeda’s and get a pie. They are seriously the most delicious and yummy pies I have ever!! They also have a ton of fresh produce and the burger joint isn’t too bad either! Best curly fries around! Stopping at Ikeda’s was a tradition of my family when we used to vacation in Lake Tahoe for a week every summer. That pie was even more delicious as the weekend went on. Yum! great way to spend our actual anniversary!

10.03.15  We slept in a little and then enjoyed bagel sandwiches from the Truckee Bagel Company and some Starbucks. Chris got to be Mr. Marisa on his coffee cup! After breakfast the pups were ready to get going. We promised them great views, good sniffs and lots of hiking!

We decided to do something new and headed over to Northstar for a day of adventure! I read online (and called to ask just in case) that Northstar offers a dog-friendly gondola ride. So that’s what we did. We took Emma and Dash up the mountain in a gondola and then went hiking! Although they were a little nervous on the ride up, they sure were excited once we starting hiking! It was absolutely GORGEOUS the entire weekend! Really felt like fall with the cool temps (high of 68*). Chris and I both loved having to wear pants and jackets the whole weekend! A nice change from all the heat we’ve been having.

We took the Big Springs Express Gondola from the Village at Northstar up to the Lodge at Big Springs (6,850ft.). After consulting with our trail map, we decided to hike the Sawmill Lake Trail (6,981 ft.). It was beyond beautiful hiking up to Sawmill Lake and the dogs loved it! So much stuff to sniff and pee on haha. They both did really great considering the altitude.

Along the way, we made sure to stop for breaks, have water and of course take some pictures! Sorry for a few repeats.

Sawmill Lake was so pretty and the perfect place to end our hike. Dash loved checking out the lake and even took a walk through it! He loves the water! If we let him off the leash I bet he would jump in! It was quiet and just breathtaking at the lake. However, the water level was really, really low. Almost kind of eerie seeing where the water line was previously. This CA drought is pretty serious. Hoping for lots of rain soon and a snow pack that will stay! Either way, we had a blast taking a little break and enjoying such a beautiful place.

After our hike we had lunch at the Downhill Grille and enjoyed watching all the crazy/serious mountain bikers come down the face of the mountain. The pups did much better on the gondola ride down the mountain (even though they look irritated in the picture). Next up we headed over to Kings Beach in Lake Tahoe to check out the pretty views of the lake. The lake was looking crystal blue as always, but man the water was low. I seriously couldn’t get over it! Kings Beach is definitely a place to go if one wants “to go to the beach,” but there seemed to be way more beach than ever before! It was a little sad to see the lake so low, but we did get some great pictures!

10.04.15 Sunday morning consisted of bagel sandwiches and coffee again for breakfast and a lazy morning at the cabin soaking up our last few hours in the mountains. We took a few family photos and then packed up to head home. It was a little sad to be leaving because our trip was so short and we both felt so relaxed and rejuvenated. I’m just thankful that we were able to get away and celebrate our “wood” themed anniversary in style! I love you Chris McConnell! ❤ ❤ ❤ Thank you for such a wonderful weekend. Can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for us!

Well that wraps up our weekend in the mountains. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and did something fun. Have a great week! 🌲🐾🐾🌲💕👫💕



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