Denver Bound ✈️

Happy Wednesday everyone!! I’m currently at the airport waiting for my flight to Denver and couldn’t be more excited!

I will be attending the NODA conference and also participating in OPI (Orientation Professional Institute) the 2.5 days prior to the actual conference. I have always wanted to participate in OPI so I am really excited to finally participate! This trip includes a lot of my professional “bucket list” items because I will also be PRESENTING at the conference!! Yay! Since graduate school I have always had on my Β professional “bucket list” participating in OPI and presenting at a national conference. I’m beyond excited to be able to do BOTH of those things! I’ve come a long way and have worked really hard to get to this point in my career. So excited to be in Denver for the week, meet/connect with other higher education/orientation professionals, present at a national conference, see some old friends and learn a ton! Looking forward to so much and enjoying some cooler temps…it’s going to be chilly in Denver and I can’t wait!

I’m going to be pretty busy this next week, so don’t expect any blog posts. When I get back next week I’ll be sure to post an update. I’m sure I will have lots to share and of course pictures.

Have a great rest of your week! See you later!



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