Merry Christmas Eve! 🎄🎄

❤ 🎄🎅🎁🎄 ❤

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas Eve!! Enjoy time with friends, family and loved ones! This really is the most wonderful time of the year!

❤ 🎄🎅🎁🎄 ❤

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow and enjoy every moment with loved ones. I’ll be back in a few days to blog about all of our holiday festivities!





Wanted to wish my best friend since 8th grade ASHLEY LAWRENCE a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Hope you have a fabulous day and an even better year ahead! So thankful for our 18+ years of friendship…you mean the world to me and I love you so much! Happy Birthday!

Holiday Traditions: SF Nutcracker


It’s that time of year again…SF Nutcracker time! This is our 5th year going and one of my favorite holiday traditions! You can read about previous visits here: 2014, 2013. Sadly, no blog posts from 2012 or 2011.

The SF Nutcracker is a really fun and beautiful production! Like I say every year, if you haven’t seen it before I highly recommend it. It’s so much fun to see the War Memorial Opera House all decked out in lights and holiday trimmings. Going to see the Nutcracker really is one of my (our) favorite holiday traditions and I look forward to it every year!

As you all know, ballet holds a very special place in my heart so I always love to see the Nutcracker. Like always we ate at our favorite Thai place, Lers Ros. Kind of funny that we eat at a Thai restaurant during Christmas time…I guess it’s like the family in A Christmas Story eating at the Chinese restaurant hehe. Love our tradition! Chris and I always talk about switching it up, but we always end up at Lers Ros. Seriously one of the best Thai places around.

I LOVE seeing City Hall in its green and red lights. Got some great photos outside before heading in.

Keeping up with tradition, we always have to take a few pictures in front of the gorgeous tree inside! So glad my hubby is always willing to pose for pictures himself and with me! I sure got lucky with this one ❤

They always have a spot light on the tree, which makes it really sparkle, however, getting a good picture can sometimes be tricky. I still think we got some good ones though. And how good does my hubby look in a bow-tie?! Pretty cute I think. 😉

This year we paid a little more and sat in the orchestra section. Best decision ever! We had a great view of the stage and really enjoyed the performance. SF Ballet sure didn’t disappoint. Another fantastic show in the books and already looking forward to next year! 🙂


As promised here is an adorable picture of our freshly groomed schnauzers, Emma and Dash in front of our tree. Little do you all know I’m standing behind Chris and the camera yelling “look,” “look,” “look” holding lots of treats! Our groomer Claudia did an excellent job on the pups. So glad they got cleaned up just in time for Christmas.

One of my other favorite traditions during the holidays is looking at Christmas lights. We were supposed to look at lights in Willow Glenn with our friends Dan & Jess on Friday, but sadly we had to cancel.  I finally caught that nasty cold that’s been going around so I was totally out of commission. I know we are cutting it close to Christmas, but there is still time to see some lights! I’m sure we will drive around at some point, just might not make it a huge production like in years past. What are some of your holiday traditions?


Hope you all are having a happy + merry Christmas week so far!! I just have a few more days of work (last day is Wednesday) and then we are BOTH off until January 4th! Can’t wait to celebrate with our family and friends!




On Saturday we took a quick (and early) flight down to Orange County to go to DISNEYLAND just for the day. Although it was a loooooong 21 hour day we had an absolute blast! Here are a few pictures from the plane and our poor pups who were very confused why we were up at 4:30AM.

In looking back at all of our pictures,  we look like two kids in a candy store…so happy to be at the “happiest place on earth!” My mother-in-laws neighbor works for Disney and is the one who got us the passes. She is the sweetest and most generous person ever! Thanks Amy for the passes! We sure made use of every minute of our day at the parks!

When we first got into the park we headed straight to Space Mountain and got our fast-passes. They changed the ride to Star Wars theme so it’s been even more popular than normal. Luckily, we got the fast-passes because the wait time at 10am was 120+ minutes. Yikes!

Our first ride of the was the Matterhorn and a great way to start the day! The park was super crowded (wasn’t really expecting that) but we got on all of our favorites rides, some of them even more than once!

Below we have the Matterhorn, Mr. Toads Wild Ride, Indiana Jones and Space Mountain.

You can’t go to Disneyland and not get a churro! OMG so delicious! More of our favorite rides: Big Thunder Mountain (my absolute FAVORITE), Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. I’m not a huge fan of the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I do love Halloween. So fun to see the Haunted Mansion decked out in Christmas and lots of jack-o-lanterns.

After cashing in our fast-pass for Space Mountain (which was awesome btw), we decided to head over to CA Adventure. I seriously LOVE how the parks look all decked out in lights and holiday decor. So festive!

We only did two rides, Cars and the Tower of Terror. Well, actually only Chris did Tower of Terror …I chickened out in the end. Waited in line with him right up until the last minute and then I just couldn’t do it. Sorry!

We found out that the best way to do Cars is the single rider line! In doing this, we only waited in line for about 30 mins! Genius! I love that ride…so totally cool. I have to say that it always AMAZES me how they actually make the rides. Everything is done so perfectly and you feel totally transformed to another land or world. I guess that’s the whole point, but still. I just feel in such awe sometimes on the rides…

Check out all the adorable holiday decorations! Love it! Disney is so very clever and I just can’t get enough!

After CA Adventure we headed back to Disneyland for dinner and to finish out our night with more rides. YES, our goal was to make it to midnight and we were not going to let anything get in our way of accomplishing that hehe. On the way back in, we stopped at the entrance and took a bunch of pictures! It was so crowded earlier in the day that we decided it would be best to take these pictures later. Perfect timing because there weren’t as many people and all the lights were on. We also didn’t have to fight off other people who wanted their picture with the classic entrance.

In addition to all the lights/decorations Disneyland puts up for the holidays, I loved everything they did for the 60th Diamond Celebration! There were diamonds everywhere! The castle looked particularly stunning in honor of the 60th anniversary!

Well we MADE IT! We left the park at exactly 12:01AM. I still can’t believe we made it that long after having gotten up at 4:30AM. We sure took full advantage of our park hoppers and really made the most of our quick trip! 

Until next time Disneyland! We love you and can’t wait to go back! ❤️💎❤️💎

Hope you all had a great weekend and that your Monday is off to a great start.


Happy Friday: Disney Edition 


Only two more weekends left until Christmas…I can hardly believe it.

Super excited to get the weekend started because we’re going to…DISNEYLAND!!!!! YAY!!

My mother-in-laws neighbor works for Disney and often gets us free passes, which is totally AWESOME! She is seriously the nicest person and we are so thankful for the passes. They expire on 12/16, hence the quick trip down there.

Chris and I both LOVE anything/everything Disney and are really looking forward to this mini trip. I love seeing Disneyland all decked for the holidays and can’t wait to see what they have done for the 60th Diamond Celebration!

P.S. Sure miss those season passes we had…

❤️💎❤️💎 ❤️💎❤️💎

It’s been a busy week, but we are both really looking forward to this quick trip. Can’t wait to see Mickey & Minnie as well as the rest of the gang! We’re coming for ya!

 ❤️💎❤️💎 ❤️💎❤️💎

Hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll be back next week for Disney updates.


Weekend Update: Xmas Tree, Football & More! 

Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe there are only 17 days until Christmas?! This month is just flying by! Hope you all are taking advantage and getting into the holiday spirit!

Here’s a recap of our weekend.

Friday 12.4 🎄🎄

After work and a quick Target run, we headed to ABC Farms to get our Christmas tree! Surprisingly, this is only our 3rd year getting a Christmas tree.  Excited once again to get another tree and grow our Christmas decorations. This year, we had to go in the evening, so it was dark and pretty cold. For some reason, we had a hard time selecting a tree this year. We always want a big, bushy tree, but I think because of the drought the trees were a little on the slimmer side.  Regardless, we found a good looking one and were excited to get it home.

Upon getting to back to the car to get the tree on top, Chris noticed that Dash had gotten into our target bag (that was tuck up in the front seat) and ate almost an ENTIRE bag of butterfingers chocolate bell candies. Ugh…not what we wanted to find back in the car. We quickly got our tree and pups home and basically waited to see what was going to happen with Dash…

This is not the first time Dash has eaten chocolate, but this was a lot more than what he had before. Poor pup ended up getting super sick and Chris had to take him to the emergency room! Didn’t know that dogs could projectile vomit…but they sure can. LUCKILY Dash was OK and didn’t need to have his stomach pumped or anything else. He got a bunch of fluids and some anti-nausea medicine and was good to go! That dog has eaten his fair of stuff; hopefully this is the last!

Saturday, during the day we got the tree in the house and the lights put up. We finished decorating once we got back from the football game. I will be sure to take/post more photos of our holiday decorations and get some cute pictures with the pups in front of the tree. 🎄🎄

Saturday 12.5 ❤️💛✌🏻️🏈✌🏻️🏈❤️💛

In the afternoon/evening we headed to Levi’s Stadium for the PAC-12 Championship game (USC vs. Stanford)!!! This was my first time at Levi’s and my first time at a PAC-12 Championship game. It was a blast! Although we didn’t win, we still had a really great time at the game! It was nice to see so many USC peeps and to experience all the excitement of the game. We ran into our fellow Trojan fans Scott and Mariam, so naturally we had to take a photo with them. Love these two! Met them through our good friends Dan & Jess. We’ve celebrated many New Years together and always have a good time with them!  

Had really great seats and paid waaaaay too much for beer, but loved cheering on my Trojans! Thank goodness there were a bunch of SC fans around us. We couldn’t stop yelling, cheering and having a good time despite the loss.

We were really hoping for a WIN and to head to the Rose Bowl, but we still had fun. Holiday Bowl here we come! Always Trojan fans over here! Win lose or tie,TROJANS till we die! ❤️💛✌🏻️🏈✌🏻️🏈❤️💛

Hoping for a quick week so that we can get to Saturday because…WE’RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!!

Have a great week everyone!