Weekend Update: Xmas Tree, Football & More! 

Happy Monday everyone! Can you believe there are only 17 days until Christmas?! This month is just flying by! Hope you all are taking advantage and getting into the holiday spirit!

Here’s a recap of our weekend.

Friday 12.4 🎄🎄

After work and a quick Target run, we headed to ABC Farms to get our Christmas tree! Surprisingly, this is only our 3rd year getting a Christmas tree.  Excited once again to get another tree and grow our Christmas decorations. This year, we had to go in the evening, so it was dark and pretty cold. For some reason, we had a hard time selecting a tree this year. We always want a big, bushy tree, but I think because of the drought the trees were a little on the slimmer side.  Regardless, we found a good looking one and were excited to get it home.

Upon getting to back to the car to get the tree on top, Chris noticed that Dash had gotten into our target bag (that was tuck up in the front seat) and ate almost an ENTIRE bag of butterfingers chocolate bell candies. Ugh…not what we wanted to find back in the car. We quickly got our tree and pups home and basically waited to see what was going to happen with Dash…

This is not the first time Dash has eaten chocolate, but this was a lot more than what he had before. Poor pup ended up getting super sick and Chris had to take him to the emergency room! Didn’t know that dogs could projectile vomit…but they sure can. LUCKILY Dash was OK and didn’t need to have his stomach pumped or anything else. He got a bunch of fluids and some anti-nausea medicine and was good to go! That dog has eaten his fair of stuff; hopefully this is the last!

Saturday, during the day we got the tree in the house and the lights put up. We finished decorating once we got back from the football game. I will be sure to take/post more photos of our holiday decorations and get some cute pictures with the pups in front of the tree. 🎄🎄

Saturday 12.5 ❤️💛✌🏻️🏈✌🏻️🏈❤️💛

In the afternoon/evening we headed to Levi’s Stadium for the PAC-12 Championship game (USC vs. Stanford)!!! This was my first time at Levi’s and my first time at a PAC-12 Championship game. It was a blast! Although we didn’t win, we still had a really great time at the game! It was nice to see so many USC peeps and to experience all the excitement of the game. We ran into our fellow Trojan fans Scott and Mariam, so naturally we had to take a photo with them. Love these two! Met them through our good friends Dan & Jess. We’ve celebrated many New Years together and always have a good time with them!  

Had really great seats and paid waaaaay too much for beer, but loved cheering on my Trojans! Thank goodness there were a bunch of SC fans around us. We couldn’t stop yelling, cheering and having a good time despite the loss.

We were really hoping for a WIN and to head to the Rose Bowl, but we still had fun. Holiday Bowl here we come! Always Trojan fans over here! Win lose or tie,TROJANS till we die! ❤️💛✌🏻️🏈✌🏻️🏈❤️💛

Hoping for a quick week so that we can get to Saturday because…WE’RE GOING TO DISNEYLAND!!!!

Have a great week everyone!




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