Happy Friday: Disney Edition 


Only two more weekends left until Christmas…I can hardly believe it.

Super excited to get the weekend started because we’re going to…DISNEYLAND!!!!! YAY!!

My mother-in-laws neighbor works for Disney and often gets us free passes, which is totally AWESOME! She is seriously the nicest person and we are so thankful for the passes. They expire on 12/16, hence the quick trip down there.

Chris and I both LOVE anything/everything Disney and are really looking forward to this mini trip. I love seeing Disneyland all decked for the holidays and can’t wait to see what they have done for the 60th Diamond Celebration!

P.S. Sure miss those season passes we had…

❤️💎❤️💎 ❤️💎❤️💎

It’s been a busy week, but we are both really looking forward to this quick trip. Can’t wait to see Mickey & Minnie as well as the rest of the gang! We’re coming for ya!

 ❤️💎❤️💎 ❤️💎❤️💎

Hope you all have a great weekend and I’ll be back next week for Disney updates.



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