On Saturday we took a quick (and early) flight down to Orange County to go to DISNEYLAND just for the day. Although it was a loooooong 21 hour day we had an absolute blast! Here are a few pictures from the plane and our poor pups who were very confused why we were up at 4:30AM.

In looking back at all of our pictures,  we look like two kids in a candy store…so happy to be at the “happiest place on earth!” My mother-in-laws neighbor works for Disney and is the one who got us the passes. She is the sweetest and most generous person ever! Thanks Amy for the passes! We sure made use of every minute of our day at the parks!

When we first got into the park we headed straight to Space Mountain and got our fast-passes. They changed the ride to Star Wars theme so it’s been even more popular than normal. Luckily, we got the fast-passes because the wait time at 10am was 120+ minutes. Yikes!

Our first ride of the was the Matterhorn and a great way to start the day! The park was super crowded (wasn’t really expecting that) but we got on all of our favorites rides, some of them even more than once!

Below we have the Matterhorn, Mr. Toads Wild Ride, Indiana Jones and Space Mountain.

You can’t go to Disneyland and not get a churro! OMG so delicious! More of our favorite rides: Big Thunder Mountain (my absolute FAVORITE), Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. I’m not a huge fan of the movie The Nightmare Before Christmas, but I do love Halloween. So fun to see the Haunted Mansion decked out in Christmas and lots of jack-o-lanterns.

After cashing in our fast-pass for Space Mountain (which was awesome btw), we decided to head over to CA Adventure. I seriously LOVE how the parks look all decked out in lights and holiday decor. So festive!

We only did two rides, Cars and the Tower of Terror. Well, actually only Chris did Tower of Terror …I chickened out in the end. Waited in line with him right up until the last minute and then I just couldn’t do it. Sorry!

We found out that the best way to do Cars is the single rider line! In doing this, we only waited in line for about 30 mins! Genius! I love that ride…so totally cool. I have to say that it always AMAZES me how they actually make the rides. Everything is done so perfectly and you feel totally transformed to another land or world. I guess that’s the whole point, but still. I just feel in such awe sometimes on the rides…

Check out all the adorable holiday decorations! Love it! Disney is so very clever and I just can’t get enough!

After CA Adventure we headed back to Disneyland for dinner and to finish out our night with more rides. YES, our goal was to make it to midnight and we were not going to let anything get in our way of accomplishing that hehe. On the way back in, we stopped at the entrance and took a bunch of pictures! It was so crowded earlier in the day that we decided it would be best to take these pictures later. Perfect timing because there weren’t as many people and all the lights were on. We also didn’t have to fight off other people who wanted their picture with the classic entrance.

In addition to all the lights/decorations Disneyland puts up for the holidays, I loved everything they did for the 60th Diamond Celebration! There were diamonds everywhere! The castle looked particularly stunning in honor of the 60th anniversary!

Well we MADE IT! We left the park at exactly 12:01AM. I still can’t believe we made it that long after having gotten up at 4:30AM. We sure took full advantage of our park hoppers and really made the most of our quick trip! 

Until next time Disneyland! We love you and can’t wait to go back! ❤️💎❤️💎

Hope you all had a great weekend and that your Monday is off to a great start.



2 thoughts on “DISNEYLAND 2015 ❤️💎

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