Holiday Traditions: SF Nutcracker


It’s that time of year again…SF Nutcracker time! This is our 5th year going and one of my favorite holiday traditions! You can read about previous visits here: 2014, 2013. Sadly, no blog posts from 2012 or 2011.

The SF Nutcracker is a really fun and beautiful production! Like I say every year, if you haven’t seen it before I highly recommend it. It’s so much fun to see the War Memorial Opera House all decked out in lights and holiday trimmings. Going to see the Nutcracker really is one of my (our) favorite holiday traditions and I look forward to it every year!

As you all know, ballet holds a very special place in my heart so I always love to see the Nutcracker. Like always we ate at our favorite Thai place, Lers Ros. Kind of funny that we eat at a Thai restaurant during Christmas time…I guess it’s like the family in A Christmas Story eating at the Chinese restaurant hehe. Love our tradition! Chris and I always talk about switching it up, but we always end up at Lers Ros. Seriously one of the best Thai places around.

I LOVE seeing City Hall in its green and red lights. Got some great photos outside before heading in.

Keeping up with tradition, we always have to take a few pictures in front of the gorgeous tree inside! So glad my hubby is always willing to pose for pictures himself and with me! I sure got lucky with this one ❤

They always have a spot light on the tree, which makes it really sparkle, however, getting a good picture can sometimes be tricky. I still think we got some good ones though. And how good does my hubby look in a bow-tie?! Pretty cute I think. 😉

This year we paid a little more and sat in the orchestra section. Best decision ever! We had a great view of the stage and really enjoyed the performance. SF Ballet sure didn’t disappoint. Another fantastic show in the books and already looking forward to next year! 🙂


As promised here is an adorable picture of our freshly groomed schnauzers, Emma and Dash in front of our tree. Little do you all know I’m standing behind Chris and the camera yelling “look,” “look,” “look” holding lots of treats! Our groomer Claudia did an excellent job on the pups. So glad they got cleaned up just in time for Christmas.

One of my other favorite traditions during the holidays is looking at Christmas lights. We were supposed to look at lights in Willow Glenn with our friends Dan & Jess on Friday, but sadly we had to cancel.  I finally caught that nasty cold that’s been going around so I was totally out of commission. I know we are cutting it close to Christmas, but there is still time to see some lights! I’m sure we will drive around at some point, just might not make it a huge production like in years past. What are some of your holiday traditions?


Hope you all are having a happy + merry Christmas week so far!! I just have a few more days of work (last day is Wednesday) and then we are BOTH off until January 4th! Can’t wait to celebrate with our family and friends!




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