Happy New Year! 🍾🍾

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Cheers to 2016!! 🍾🍾

In years past, we have gone to big NYE parties in San Francisco. Unfortunately, this year the guy who usually throws the parties couldn’t secure a location!! This was a big surprise and a total bummer. We have gone to these parties for the past three years, always look forward to them, and have an absolute blast every single time. I was really hoping to expand our group of partygoers this year, but with no party that didn’t work out. Here’s hoping that next year we will get to go because it’s always so much fun! You can ready about our previous party fun here.
Instead of trying to find another big NYE party in San Francisco or somewhere else, we decided to have a more low key New Year’s. This year we hosted a New Year’s party at her house and still managed to have a really great time. Guests included: Jenny, Glenn and their adorable baby Violet, Dan and Jess, Caitlin, and Eva. Yay!! We ordered a bunch of pizzas, had yummy appetizers and drank plenty of champagne (my favorite)!! 🍾🍾

It’s funny how you get older the more difficult it is to actually make it to midnight…I think most of us were probably ready to go to bad around 11pm, but we made it to midnight!!! We even stay up after until about 2 AM just talking and having a good time.

The McConnell residence was full that night, as everyone decided to spend the night. I loved hosting our NYE party and having a house full of overnight guests. Yay for adult sleep overs!

Here are some fabulous pictures from our PAR-TAY!! Violet was a huge hit and both pups were excellent hosts!

So glad to have Eva from Santa Barbara and my freshman roomie Cait with us! I love this girls so much! Can you believe we have stayed friends for all these years? Love you girls!

Couldn’t imagine ringing in the New Year with anyone else. Love these peeps so much and feel very grateful for their friendship!

Hope you all had a wonderful evening filled with friends, family and plenty of champagne. Here’s to a brand-new year, one that I hope is filled with love, peace, health, prosperity, and happiness! Wishing you all a fabulous New Year! All best for 2016!! 🍾🍾




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