New Year’s Resolutions 

Happy 2016, friends!! Hope you all had an amazing start to the year. I can’t believe we are already through the holidays and into a new year! Time is already flying by.

I stuck to most of the resolutions I made last year…most of the them I said hehe. All that matters is that I tried. You can read about my previous resolutions here 2015 & 2014.

Here is my list for 2016:

1. Read 12 books.

Last year I completely “failed” this resolution. I set a  goal of reading 20 books and ended up with only 3…haha. I made an effort, that’s all that counts. This year there are no excuses! I love to read and really should get back into it. This year I plan to start with a smaller goal, 12 books.  I have a ton of stuff that I want to read, so getting 12 books read shouldn’t be too difficult.

2. Continue my meditation practice.

Meditation has become a HUGE part of my life and something that I do every day. I’m getting close to my one year of meditating (February 6th to be exact) so that’s something that I am really looking forward too. I hope to continue the idea of “letting go” especially of worries, stress and things that are not in my control. I still think I spend far too much time worrying and stressing over things (although this has greatly improved!). I’m constantly working towards finding myself more through my practice and being more present. Meditation is absolutely wonderful and has added so much to my life! ❤

3. Keep a daily gratitude journal (again) 

I’ve been keeping a daily gratitude journal since 2013. I really enjoy doing this throughout the year and think it helps me feel more grounded and able to be more present in everyday life.

4. Keep in touch with old and new friends. Make the TIME to see people; do things with them; and have fun! Say YES to what makes me happy and NO to things that don’t.

5. Go to Jazzercise at least 3x a week! 

This year I gotta do it; NO excuses! The studio that’s close to my house actually offers classes Monday-Thursday and then on both Saturday/Sunday. I think I can make it in at least 3x a week for sure! 🙂

6. WRITE, no seriously! 

Last year writing was one of my resolutions and I was planning on using this awesome book 642 Things to Write About. Sadly, I never opened it. 😦 I’m going to keep blogging (because I love it) and plan to crack open this book and start writing! There are already a few ideas in my head for possible children books, so who knows! Maybe this is the year that I actually write something. Here goes nothing!

Lastly, I just love the below quote and the “ultimate list”! I plan to do a lot of the things on that list, because why not! I also want to remember that really, all I have to do is my best. There is no judgement and I’m doing these “resolutions” for ME!

What resolutions have you set for yourself this year??

There you have it folks; my resolutions for 2016. I’m ready to take on 2016 and make it the best year yet!

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone! Wishing you all LOVE, HEALTH, HAPPINESS and PEACE in 2016!



4 thoughts on “New Year’s Resolutions 

  1. Happy New Year! Love these resolutions! I want to read more too. We just cleaned out our bookshelf and got rid of over 75 (yes, 75!) books we have either read and were hanging on to or haven’t read and never plan to. We kept only the ones we really wanted (Kon Mari Method) and we each have a shelf of “To Read”. We said that if by six months, we don’t make some sort of dent in the “To Read” pile we have to get rid of some of them. So I started a book, Best Friends Forever, and am halfway though. Maybe I can send it to you when I’m done if you’re interested?

    • 75 books that’s amazing!! Sounds like a really great method. We could certainly get ride of some of our books, but it’s so hard for me! I have this vision of one day having this stupendous library with floor to ceiling bookshelves….someday. My “to read” list it pretty long as well. Sure, send me the book when you are done. Always looking for something new. Miss you friend!

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