TGIF…We Made It


Man, this first week back to work after the holiday break was brutal. Agreed? Everyone at our house (including the pups Emma & Dash) had a hard time adjusting back to the work-week-routine. I think we all got pretty used to sleeping in and relaxing during the break…having to get up early again was a little hard.

This is totally how I feel today. Happy dance! Happy dance! Happy dance! YES, I am certainly SMILING since it’s finally FRIDAY!!! Waaahoooo!!! I don’t even care (well I do a little) that we have a staff meeting this afternoon at work haha.

What’s everyone up too this weekend? Any fun plans? I think we (in CA) will be getting more rain which is awesome! On Saturday we are going to a couples baby shower (I have another one next weekend!) and that’s about it. I’m looking forward to just relaxing after a hard first week back. TGIF everyone and happy weekend! Hope it’s wonderful and we’ll see you next week!



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