Remembering Aunt Anora

I’m sad to say, but my aunt passed away back in December 2014. 😦 Our family just finished two weekends of ‘celebrations’ in honor of her. Saturday, January 23 we got together as a family to scatter my aunts ashes at two of her favorite beach spots in northern California. The first place was San Gregorio State Beach near Half Moon Bay, CA. After scattering her ashes there and reading a few poems/words we headed up the coast to the second place, Gray Whale Cove. Both locations were gorgeous and I can totally see why my aunt wanted her ashes to be scattered there. The weather that day was a mix  of clouds, rain, wind and then tons of gorgeous rainbows! We literally saw so many rainbows that seemed to follow us everywhere we went that day. We all knew that was my aunt!

I must admit that it was very surely scattering my aunts ashes…I found it hard to grasp the whole concept that she was actually gone. I have only had a handful of people pass away in my lifetime and only one other time did we scatter someone’s ashes. The whole thing is just really hard to understand and then do. One minute she was with us and then the next…gone. I’m really glad to have seen her before she passed and to have been able to help scatter her ashes. It was also good to be able to support both of my cousins who lost their mom and to support my own mom who lost her sister. Our day was filled with family, love, laughter, tears and of course lots of rainbows wherever we went!

Last Saturday my entire family (there were 20 of us!) met in LA to have lunch at my aunt’s favorite restaurant. We had a fancy steak lunch at Musso & Frank’s in Hollywood, which is one of the oldest restaurants and has been there since 1919. Musso’s is known for their martinis and delicious food. In the 1930’s, the restuarnat was a literary hangout for greats like F. Scott Fitzgerald, William Faulkner and Raymond Chandler. Apparently Fitzgerald was known to proofread his novels while sitting in one of the booths. How totally cool! Others such as T.S. Elliot, William Saroyan, Aldous Huxley, Max Brand, John Steinbeck, John O’Hara and Dorothy Parker also made a home atMusso’s. The literary tradition continued over the years and new generations of writers found themselves at Musso’s following in the footsteps of legends. In doing more research about the restaurant I found that the LA Times once wrote that if you stood in Musso’s Back Room long enough you, “…would have seen every living writer you had ever heard of, and some you would not know until later.” This was seriously the PERFECT place to have lunch and celebrate my aunt!!

My aunt Anora loved music and to read. She listened to and read EVERYTHING! Before she passed away she gave me a bunch of books to read and I can’t wait to start them. She had a big, loud personality and a real passion for life. My aunt loved telling stories, cooking, drinking martinis and on occasion swearing haha. She was a gentle mother, brave sister, loving/caring Bubby (Jewish grandmother) and wonderful person. My aunt taught her siblings about music, life, justice, to stand up for themselves and to never take life too seriously. Aunt Anora did a great job raising her two kids as a single mother and gave them everything she had.

To me, she was a fun loving aunt whom I have so many found memories of…including the time she name our new puppy Dash after her favorite author Dashiell Hammett. I love you so much and will miss you even more! Thank you for letting us celebrate your life in the fanciest of ways! I’ve never had such a delicious steak and the drinks were superb! I hope we did you justice in celebrating YOU. Aunt Anora, you truly picked the most perfect place for us to celebrate and remember you! Love you, always and forever!

Here’s our entire family outside Musso’s! ❤ ❤ ❤ This just makes my heart so full! We were missing a few spouses (including mine), but everyone else was able to make it. I really hope that in the future we see each other more and spend more time together as a family. After all, isn’t family all we have?


While we were in LA I got to spend some time with these adorable little munchkins, Natan and Guy (my cousin Teddie’s kids). I had a blast sleeping over, eating sushi and playing spaceship! Love you little boys so much!

I love you Aunt Anora!



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