Blog Update with Pictures: 1 of 3

Hello friends! I’ve been horribly behind in posting to my blog. Things have just been too busy. Since so much as happened over the last five months I decided to do an update with PICTURES! Hopefully this will keep things a little on the shorter side and more fun. Just a heads up, there will be a total of three posts for this series. Although they may not be in chronological order, they are organized by theme.

This first one is all about my sister ARIANA! She’s had a really busy few months and a great year because she got MARRIED!

Ok here we go…1 of 3 starting now!

Ari’s SoCal Bridal Shower 4.9.16  

This shower was hosted by Ari’s college bestie, Joleen at the lovely Aroma Coffee & Tea in LA. Aroma is one of Ari’s favorite places to go to when she’s in LA visiting. Although it was a rather gloomy/rainy day, we made the best of it and had an absolute blast showering Ari with gifts and lots of love! It was wonderful to spend more time with Brian’s mom Sharon along with her friends and family. A bunch of Ari’s college friends from UCSB were also in attendance along with my cousin Teddie. Joleen did an excellent job hosting this shower and making it special for my sister.


The day of the shower also happened to be our mom’s birthday so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! What a nice and kind of special way to spend your birthday!

Ari’s NorCal Bridal Shower 4.24.16 

Since Ari has so many friends all over CA and around the state, we decided to host two bridal showers for her. One in Socal and one in Norcal. This one was hosted by my mom and I at one of my favorite places, Lovejoy’s Team Room! Ari loves tea, so this was the perfect place to host a tea themed bridal shower! If you’ve never been to Lovejoy’s I highly, highly recommend it! This place has delicious food, an excellent selection of teas, and the most cozy ambiance.

Something that I really love is party planning and throwing celebrations for people! I had a blast creating a Pinterest board for this party along with getting invitations, making favors and putting the whole thing together! The favors were probably one of my favorite ideas. Each person got a specialty tea themed or ring cookie. I ordered the cookies from Sweet 17 Cookies and they turned out exactly how I wanted them. Lindsey was so great to work with and made the most perfect cookies for my sisters shower! I wrapped the cookies up and added Alice in Wonderland “Eat Me” tags to each bag. It was such an honor to throw my little sister her tea themed bridal shower!

Happy Bridal Shower #2 Ari I love you!

Palm Springs Before the Rings: Ari’s Bachelorette Party Weekend 6.10-6.12.16   

For Ari’s bachelorette party she requested a weekend with her closest girlfriends in the desert and that’s exactly what she got! Pool. Sun. Floaties. Drinks. Girlfirends. #teambride


We had a blast spending a sunny weekend poolside in Palm Springs celebrating the bride-to-be! During our weekend we stayed at the most perfect place found on Aribnb called The Cottonwood. This property actually has 4 individual units/cottages that all have bedrooms/bathrooms, kitchens/living spaces which then all open up to the POOL! This was perfect for the number of girls that we had over the weekend. Be sure to check out the property. I totally want to get a bunch of friends and go back here!


We sure spoiled Ari with all kinds of gifts, lingerie, tanks, towels and anything pineapple and flamingo themed! I put together goodie bags for each of the girls which included: personal pineapple/flamingo themed tumblers (made by a fellow Gaucho — check out her fabulous etsy shop), earrings, hair ties, flamingo starws and EOS lip balm. Check out the Pinterest page I made for Ari’s bachelorette weekend.


Huge THANK YOU and shout out to Joleen and Megan for helping plan this awesome weekend! It was such a BLAST!

Wedding Rehearsal & Rehearsal Dinner 6.30.16

Ari and Brian had to do their wedding rehearsal a few days before their wedding because Saratoga Springs was totally booked with weddings over the 4th of July holiday weekend. During the rehearsal they both looked a little nervous…thank goodness we still had a few more days until the BIG day! Saratoga Springs is absolutely gorgeous and the perfect place for an outdoor weeding!


Dinner was that this cool place in Cupertino called Gochi. It’s a Japanese Fusion Tapas place which was a really fun place for dinner. Ari and Brian are both kind of foodies so this was right up their alley!

Wedding Festivities 7.1-7.2.16

On Friday 7.1.16 all of the bridesmaids had an afternoon of mani/pedis at my favorite salon La Orquidea. Perfect way to relax and get a pampered before the BIG day. Later that night everyone in town was invited to Devil’s Canyon Brewing Co. in San Carlos. On Friday nights Devil’s Canyon has live music and a bunch of food trucks set up out back. How can you go wrong with awesome beers and food trucks?!?!


Saturday (day before the wedding) was spent doing last minute prep, flower arranging and getting everything to the hotel in Cupertino. For dinner, the bridal party went to dinner at Aqui before calling it an early night. LAST night before my little sissy gets MARRIED!

 WEDDING DAY 7.3.16 

Well 7.3.16 was the BIG day! The day that my not-so-little-sister got MARRIED!!!! Like I mentioned before, Ari and Brian got married at Saratoga Springs. This place was perfect for the two of them and the whole day couldn’t have gone better! Great weather, good food, lots of drinks, dancing and cupcakes from Susie Cakes!

Leading up to the wedding my sister was pretty nervous which then had me pretty nervous. She and Brian are really low-key and laid back people. They wanted their wedding to be like that too and not a huge production. I think their wedding ended up being exactly that. PERFECT and just how they wanted it. Ari and Brian met while in college at UCSB (keeping the Gaucho tradition in our family strong) and are a great match! Their wedding day was filled with so much LOVE and HAPPINESS. I couldn’t be happier or more excited for the two of them! They looked so in their element, free of nerves and totally and completely IN LOVE! Brian has been around for a really long time, so he already feels like apart of our family. Happy to finally have him “officially” as a member of the family and as the one to love my sister for forever.

CONGRATS again Ari and Brain! We are all so very happy and excited for you! LOVE YOU!

P.S. Doesn’t my sister look STUNNING in that dress?!?!?! Wow! Most gorgeous bride ever!

Ok that’s a wrap for this first series of blog updates. Hope you enjoyed!



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