Blog Update with Pictures 3:3

Hi friends! I’m back with my LAST installment of pictures and updates! I tried to get them all done yesterday but just couldn’t do it, so lets finish today! Here’s 3 of 3!

This last update is all about CONCERTS! We were really lucky to see a bunch of shows this summer. I think you all know which one was my favorite! 😉

ADELE 7.30.16

Hands down absolutely one of the greatest performers and shows I’ve ever seen. Adele KILLED IT! OMG so totally fabulous!

We totally LUCKED out in being able to go to this show. Last fall a bunch of us in my office tried to get tickets. Unfortunately only one person was able to get 4 tickets and there were 6 of us who wanted to go. I was so bummed :(.

Fast forward to the week before the show and we got 2 tickets!!! 🙂 🙂 The coworker who got the the only tickets in the office ended up not being able to go, so we had the chance to buy her tickets! Waaahooo!!!! Chris and I were beyond EXCITED to have scored tickets! I’ll be honest, I had no idea what to expect from Adele. We are used to seeing big, full bands like Ben Harper, Jack Johnson or DMB. Adele BLEW US AWAY!

Chris and I went to the concert with my other co-worker Lilly and her husband Chris. Chris X2. The four of us had an absolute BLAST! And ADELE was freaking AMAZING!!!! That girl not only can sing (well duh!), but she’s hilarious as hell and such an entertainer. We couldn’t stop laughing and belting out each of her songs! Such a fabulous show and with such great company!

P.S. Our hubby’s are huge Adele fans now and at least in my house, Chris is still blasting her music! 🙂

Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals 8.16.16

Hubby got us FREE tickets to see Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals at the Mountain Winery in Saratoga. We’ve never been to Mountain Winery, but let me tell you that place is PERFECT for a concert! I love outdoor venues and this one is top notch with fantastic acoustics! It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Ben Harper and he didn’t disappoint. Another great show and fun weekday date night! ❤img_6231

Dave Matthews Band 8.29.16 & 8.30.16

TWO NIGHTS OF DAVE MATTHEWS BAND!!!! ❤ 🙂 ❤ 🙂 ❤ HIGHLIGHT of the summer and probably my life (ha ha ha ha). Dave Mathews Band is my favorite band of all time and I absolutely love seeing shows at the Greek! If you’ve never been to a show at the Greek Theatre in Berkeley, CA you seriously have to go! Like the Mountain Winery, it too is an outdoor amphitheater, but I have to say the Greek is my favorite! There isn’t a bad seat in the house and don’t even get me start on the acoustics!

DMB is my favorite band and I’ve been seeing these guys since 2002 when I was in high school. My bestie, Ashley and I have been seeing them since then as well. Each year I look forward to going to their show with her. I think there is only one summer that the band didn’t tour, so we didn’t seem them together. Heck my blog is even a lyric from one of my favorite DMB songs!

Two Step 
“Celebrate we will
Because life is short but sweet for

This summer marked the bands 25th Anniversary and man did they put on an awesome show! Night #1 was history making in my book. My goal every year is to get as close to the stage as possible. Well this year folks, THAT HAPPENED!!!! We were literally ONE row behind the very first row. I about DIED! DREAM COME TRUE!

Last year Chris and I became Warehouse members in hopes of scoring better seats to some of the DMB shows. Although we didn’t get special seats for the Greek (it’s all general admission) we did get to line up in a special line just for Warehouse members. In addition, we got to buy t-shirts/other concert stuff before the venue was open and enter the venue 30-45 minutes before everyone else. Talk about some unanticipated perks! Being able to get in so early made a HUGE difference because we got front row seats! Poor Ashley; we had to leave her in the regular line, but saved her some pretty sweet seats up front. Her boyfriend joined us later and the four of us had a great time! You can read about some of our other DMB concerts adventures from 2015 and 2014.

The set list from night #1 probably wasn’t my most favorite, but I love DMB anyway and love it when they jam out! It was amazing to be so close to stage and really SEE the band. We actually got to HEAR them, not just hear them through the speakers somewhere else in the venue. It was unbelievable!! Ahhhh such a cool experience! Check out these awesome pictures!


DMB Night #2 8.30.16 We went back for a second night!!!

Funny story, Rashawn Ross, the trumpet player for DMB lives in the same building as my cousin in LA! She knows that we are huge DMB fans so she always tries to get us tickets if she can. Guess what?! This year we got tickets!!!!!! Rashawn got us FREE tickets for night #2 AND special passes!!! We had no idea what the passes were, but super excited to be getting anything! Rashawn totally didn’t have to do that for us. We got to pick everything up at will call under the “artist guest list” sounds pretty fancy right?! 😉 Ahhh so cool! The special passes ended up being for the DMB Friends & Family Lounge which allowed us to go to a backstage area and have free food, drinks and snacks before the concert. Yes please! I was hoping that we would get to meet someone from the band, but that didn’t happen. We did see Tim Reynolds through a gate though. Does that count? He he he.

I have to say that the set list for night #2 was pretty epic! The concert was absolutely amazing and probably on my top list of best concerts ever! The band was just killing it and rocking out like no other! Not to mention the song selection! Although we weren’t able to get to the concert as early as we did the night before, we felt pretty stoked to have free tickets and special passes. We also managed to get great seats (not as close) but honestly, there isn’t a bad seat at the Greek. The DMB Friends & Family Lounge was totally unexpected and lots of fun. Another amazing night seeing my favorite band and a great way to wrap up our summer concerts! Looking forward to more DMB concerts and one day meeting Dave Matthews in PERSON! #lifetimegoals #itwillhappen

Ok friends, that’s a wrap (FINALLY) on my picture updates! Hope you’ve enjoyed.



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