Weekend Update: Anniversary Addition 💕👫💕

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Over the weekend we celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! Yay! 10.02.16 Hope you caught Sunday’s post about it.

On Sunday we spent the day at our favorite winery, Bella in Healdsburg, CA. We were planning on bringing the pups with us, but my parents offered to watch them so we took advantage of being dog free! Bella totally allows dogs, but sometimes it’s nice to just relax, drink wine and not have to worry about what the dogs are doing. I’m sure we will feel similar when we have kids.

It was a perfect fall day at Bella. Crispy air, big white fluffy clouds, sunshine and lots of delicious wine! After doing some tastings, we enjoyed a bottle of wine out on the lawn along with our picnic lunch. When we visit Bella, we always stop at the Dry Creek General Store. They have the best sandwiches, cheese selections and other yummy treats! Not to mention all the cute stuff they have in the store! There is nothing better than a relaxing day enjoying good wine and spending time with the one you love! ❤

Like I mentioned before, since our first anniversary we’ve been following the “traditional” anniversary gifts. This has made each anniversary so much fun and very entertaining. Ha Ha Ha. The theme for this year was candy/iron and I have to say the hubby and I did really well. Normally I go more for the funny/joke side of whatever the theme is and Chris goes for the more sentimental and romantic route. We both went more sentimental/romantic with our gifts this time.

This year I got an iron sign with C&M, a box of all our favorite See’s candies and the cutest Kate Spade knot earrings and bracelet. Chris said the earrings/bracelet are for when we “tied the knot” six years ago. Awwwww too cute! I got the hubby personalized M&Ms with a few messages, hearts and a picture of us from our wedding day. At our wedding my mom got personalized M&M’s with our wedding date and faces on them, so another set of M&M’s was prefect for this years anniversary! I also got Chris this awesome iron lock I found on Olive & Cocoa. I had to resist buying all of the Halloween decorations! Some day I hope we can put this lock somewhere special. Maybe in Paris or another place we travel too. We ended the day with a relaxing night at home and of course enjoyed a slice of cake from our favorite place, Susie Cakes!

Well that wraps up the weekend update. Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and a great start to this week!






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