Indianapolis Bound ✈️

Happy Thursday everyone! Tomorrow I fly to Indianapolis, Indiana for the NODA conference. Waaaahooo!!!


I’m really excited to be attending NODA again. Last year was a blast and I learned so much. Really looking forward to reconnecting with some of my OPI peeps and other colleagues. During the conference last year I fulfilled one of my professional “bucket list” items; presenting at a national conference. Guess what?! This year I get to DO IT AGAIN!!! YAY for PRESENTING two years in a row!


Can’t wait to explore a new city (I’ve never been to Indy!), meet/connect with more higher education/orientation professionals, present AGAIN, see some old friends and learn even more about the field of Orientation Transition and Rentention! #higherednerd #otr

I’m going to be pretty busy during the conference, so don’t expect any blog posts. When I get back next week, you’ll get a full update with lots of pictures.

Have a great rest of your week and weekend! See you next week!



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