Mindful U 2.0

One Wednesday, November 2 I had the pleasure of attending another one of Cassie’s wonderful seminars/retreat called Mindful U. I actually attended this retreat last year. I’m calling this years retreat Mindful U 2.0 because Cassie revamped this program and changed it up. We were back at the beautiful Stillpath Retreat Center in Woodside, CA. I feel very fortunate to have been to Stillpath so many times. 🙂 My very first retreat at Stillpath was in 2014 for Cassie’s Your Mindful Brain workshop. At this rate I seem to visit every year! I always LOVE spending the day with Cassie and soaking up all of her wisdom! Sometimes you just have to take a break from everything, unplug and do something good for your soul.

Stillpath is one of the most beautiful and magical places. Walking into the center and being among the redwood trees makes you feel relaxed automatically. While we were there it was an absolutely gorgeous day in the mountains! These pictures really can’t compare to the pure beauty that’s found in actually being at Stillpath.

Mindful U is a course/series Cassie developed last year. It’s now something that is being taught/used with corporate teams, for organizations evaluating mindfulness as an intervention for stress reduction, employee engagement, or leadership development. Mindful U is a highly interactive program where Cassie guides you through a variety of mindfulness techniques like breath awareness, mindful check-in, body scan, sitting meditation, walking meditation, and provides many simple tools to help heightened awareness in daily life.

Mindful U contains 6 progressive modules that are intended to help cultivate awareness in the hopes of achieving measurable improvements in all aspects of one’s life. The 6 modules include:

  1. Wake Up & Breathe
  2. Get in Your Body
  3. Come to Your Senses
  4. Board the Brain Train
  5. Sit with it All
  6. Plug in and Go!

Throughout the modules we had journal prompts, communication activities and reflection. We also received some take-away items! Yay! We got a lovely journal and a card deck that captures the highlight of each module. The deck of cards Cassie made are fabulous! I really love the idea of the cards and not just having to rely on my notes.

During the day we toggled between activity and rest. We did a siting mediation, body scan, mindful walk as well as other activities related to the modules. Around noon, a delicious lunch was provided. I have to be honest, this is one of my favorite parts about attending Cassie’s retreats. The food is always DELICIOUS! This year we had a make-your-own sandwich bar as well as a few delicious salads.

Aside from being in the beautiful redwoods, Stillpath has all of these gorgeous statues, pictures and fixtures throughout the building. These all add to the peaceful and relaxing environment. Here are some of my favorites!

Our entire day is spent in the Great Room which is stunning itself. They also have a saline pool which I really hope to use at some point. I mean who wouldn’t want to take a dip in this?! I really hope that someday I have the chance to stay on the property. It’s so peaceful, beautiful and relaxing. Such a great place to unwind, unplug and recharge. pool

Everything at Stillpath has some sort of meaning and fits perfectly in the space. I am always so glad to attend any retreat Cassie puts on because is just a wonderful human being. She is so full of wisdom, kindness and love. It’s truly wonderful being able to spend the day with her. I saw a few familiar faces and met so many other great people. So glad I took a mid-week break and was able to attend Mindful U. Already looking forward to what Cassie offers next…you know I’ll be there!

I just love the images above. I am always drawn to things like this now. I especially love the statement of “I am Powerful,” “I am Beautiful,” “I am Strong,” and “I am Enough.” This really speaks volumes to me. Those simple statements are true. I AM ENOUGH. I’ve probably said this a bunch of times, but meditation and mindfulness has done absolute wonders for me. My life has really transformed since starting my practice and from when I first met Cassie back in 2012. It’s because of Cassie that I discovered the wonderful world of meditation and have made it a part of my life. I can’t thank you enough Cassie!

Be sure to check out Cassie’s website to learn more about what she does and upcoming classes and retreats!




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