TGIF everyone! Happy Happy Friday!


Waaaaaahooooooo we finally made it to Friday! I feel like the week after Thanksgiving break is always tough. So glad the weekend is here!

What are everyone’s plans this weekend? We’ve got a few things on our list.

First up, get the Christmas tree decorated! 🎄🎄 We took advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend and got our Christmas tree on 11.27.16. It felt a little early for me…but so glad we already have it. Not to mention, our house smells GREAT!

We went back to ABC Farms and picked out our tree super fast! Usually we go at night so it’s dark and we can’t see a thing. Sometimes it’s kinda fun not really knowing exactly what we getting…this year we went in the late afternoon and had no trouble picking out a tree. Last year poor Dash ate a bunch of chocolate while we were getting our tree and got pretty sick. Luckily he was OK and this year didn’t eat any chocolate. #thankgoodness

Found a great tree this year! Not as tall as the hubby wanted, but I think it will be just perfect!

We got the tree home on our new Subaru (well not new, but first time putting a tree on the Subie) and got it in the house. Hubby even got the lights up too! I come from the tradition of waiting until the month of December to actual get the tree and decorate it, so this felt a little early to me. However, now that we have our tree in the house (with some lights) I’m so excited for the holiday season! Our entire house smells like CHRISTMAS and I’m just giddy with excitement haha. We have most of the decorations around the house, but still need to decorate the tree. Hopefully we will get that done…TONIGHT! I think it’s a great night to have a bottle of wine and trim our tree! I’ll be sure to post pics of the finished product.

Other weekend plans include:

  • Seeing/visiting with our friends Jess, Dan and their adorable dog Izzie.
  • Sushi/Saki dinner party! My coworker Lilly is taking her comp exams for her masters program on Saturday so we plan to celebrate BIG time Saturday night once she is all done. Looking forward to lots of delicious sushi, celebrating with friends/coworkers and drinking lots Saki!
  • Sister’s 28th Birthday celebration! My sissy’s birthday is on 12.3.16, but we will be celebrating as a family in Sunday. Can’t believe my baby sister is already 28…where has the time gone?! Love her to pieces and really looking forward to all the celebrations!

Hope you all have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend. See ya next week!






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