Birthday Celebrations 🎉

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m a little late in posting about all the weekend celebrations,  so here we go!

2.17.17 (My actual birthday) 🎉 🎉 


Like I’ve shared before, my office is really into decorating, especially for birthdays! When I got to work my office was completely decorated with lots of festive bday stuff. Cynthia does a great job decorating for birthdays and planning something for the birthday people. I  get to share my birthday with my work wife/bestie Ashley so it’s even more fun! This year there was breakfast and coffee for us. Such a great way to start a Friday! For lunch a bunch of us went to get pizza at Sammy G’s. This place is so much fun and reminds me a lot of some of the places in Isla Vista. If only we could have gotten pitchers of beer…we’ll have to save that for an after work happy hour haha. Unfortunately, we had a staff meeting later in the day but it turned out to not be very long and we had yummy bundt cake from Lilly! Score!


My co workers made us both feel so special! Thanks for such a great day everyone! Love you!

After work Ashley and I went to get all of our free birthday treats! First we got free slices of cake from Susie Cakes. Then it was off to Kendra Scott to design the ring below that we bought for each other as our birthday present. And to end our afternoon of free gifts, we got Bubbly Bears from Sugarfina and our birthday gift from Sephora.  So many birthday treats! We really brought home quite the collection of gifts. Loved being able to spend some quality time with my work wife and bestie! Happy Birthday Ashley! ❤


That evening, the hubby and I went out for sushi at one of our favorite places, Sushi 2 2 Train. Our friends Chris and Lilly introduced us to this place. The owner Sang is such a great sushi chef and we always have a blast when we go here. I even got a special birthday sushi roll with a candle. How awesome is that?! After dinner it was back to the house for that slice of cake and presents. Thanks Tof for making my birthday so wonderful! You and the pups spoil me! Love you!❤❤❤


2.19.17 Wine Tasting at Bella

On Sunday we spent the day at our winery, Bella Vineyards & Wine Caves located in beautiful Healdsburg, CA. To continue the birthday celebrations, we decided to sign up for a tour at Bella and bring some of our friends with us. So glad that Chris & Lilly and Ashley & Erwin were able to join us on this trip! On the way up we stopped at our favorite place, the Dry Creek General Store. They have the best sandwiches, cheese selections and other yummy treats! Since it was raining, we had our picnic lunch inside the store which ended up not being that busy (probably because of all the rain). Our tour at Bella wasn’t until 1:30pm so we had a little time to relax, shop and enjoy some good food before doing our tour and wine tasting.


After lunch we headed over to Bella for our tour and wine tasting. We didn’t get to do a lot of the outdoor part of the tour since it was so rainy. But, we did get to go deeper into the wine caves (yes!), hear more about Bella’s process and take tons of pictures! Bella has this private tasting room that I have always wanted to go into. Well guess what?!?!? That’s were we got to do our private wine tasting!! Not only did we have an awesome wine flight, but we also got to do a barrel tasting. Since it was my birthday, I got to remove the “bung” (cap to the barrel) and then use the wine thief to pour samples for everyone. This was so totally cool! Did you know that a barrel can hold 300 bottles of wine?!?!?! We had no clue. We got to taste from two barrels and they were so delicious. The first one was a Lily Hill Zin and if we could have rolled that bad boy to our car we would have! Seriously so good! I think it might be in our fall shipment, so we will be on the look out for that one! After we finished our tasting and taking even more pictures, we were actually able to stay in the private room and have more wine and the rest of the snacks we brought with us. Yes! We felt pretty special being in our own private room. Chris and I have always wanted to do a tour and be in the private tasting room, so we were beyond grateful to have finally done this! We had such a great time, that we ended up closing the place down (they close at 4:30). Here are a bunch of fun pictures from our day at Bella.

There is nothing better than a relaxing day enjoying good wine and spending time with really great people. Thank you guys so much for spending a rainy day with us at Bella. We had an absolute blast and love you guys so much!  ❤❤❤

After an awesome day at Bella, we then had dinner with my family to celebrate. So much good food, desserts (2 cakes!) and more presents. Love my family so much. Certainly felt the birthday love this whole weekend! Cheers to 33! 🙂

Chris was off on Monday and I took a vacation day. Thank goodness because we spent the day recovering from such a fun weekend. We were also hit with a huge rain storm so it was perfect weather for just hanging around the house and relaxing.

Hope your week is going well…Friday is almost here! Thanks for reading!



Happy Birthday to ME! 🎉

Today is my BIRTHDAY!! Waaahhoooo 🎉🎉🎉🎉 surprise-happy-birthday-gifts-5

I’ll be back next week with a full bday celebration post! It’s been a great day so far with my awesome co-workers. They really are the best! Looking forward to more celebrations this weekend with my hubby, family and friends. Happy Friday everyone and see ya next week!


Happy Valentine’s Day


Wishing everyone a day filled with lots of LOVE!

I feel so fortunate to spend my 11th Valentine’s Day with my forever Valentine…my wonderful hubby Chris. Tof, I love you to the moon and back! Thank you for always loving me and making me feel so special. You’re the most wonderful man a girl could every ask for. So lucky to call you my best friend and love of my life!  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  Happy Valentine’s Day! Looking forward to dinner tonight; spending time with you, drinking wine and snuggling with our pups!

Today we are also celebrating TWO years ago when we had the best Valentine’s Day picking up our second mini schnauzer pup, DASH! You can read all about when we first got him here. Dash turned out to be a big love bug haha maybe because we got him on Valentine’s day. He loves to give lots of kisses and snuggle with his sister Emma and us of course! 😉 LOVE both of our sweet pups and our little family! ❤





730 Days of Meditation 🙏🏻 <3

2.7.17 💕 🙏 💕 

A day late, but nonetheless…yesterday I reached TWO YEARS of MEDITATING!!! That’s 730 days in a row! Waaahooo! You can read all about my meditation journey here. Today I’m very thankful for how far I’ve come and for completing two years of my practices. Over the last two years I have learned some pretty cool things. For example:

  • I need to take care of myself.
  • I need to support and nourish my mind, body and soul.
  • I have become fully present in the now and deeply connected to my inner guide.

Let me tell you friends, meditation does wonders and I would be so lost without it.

I LOVE these images and quotes below. They totally summarizes my thoughts/feelings about meditation. ❤

One of the phrases/quotes that really struck me above was, “one day it just clicks.” This is so very true. Like many of you may know, my first introduction to mindfulness and meditation was in 2011 when I took a mini-series on stress reduction. That mini-series transpired to me taking an 8-week MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) course, where my meditation practice really started. Between 2011-2015 I toggled back and forth with practicing and attending workshops with my dear friend and mentor, Cassie. However, it wasn’t until February of 2015 when I decided to dive “all in” and seriously begin my meditation practice. Like the quote says “one day it just clicks” and that’s exactly what happened for me. After that day I was well on my way. I decided right then and there to begin my meditation practice and to keep at it for one year…and here I am, two years later! 🙂

Meditation is by far the best gift I could ever give myself. Throughout my practice I have gained so much more than I ever thought possible! It’s amazing what happens when you fully incorporate something like meditation into your daily life; the benefits are unbelievable and so very rewarding.

As I approach these types of milestones, I tend to reflect a lot on my practice and always give thanks and gratitude to the person who got me started on this beautiful journey. Cassie, I can’t thank you enough for what you have given me. Thank you for showing me the way and for being such a wonderful friend and mentor. I love you dearly! ❤

My mediation practice is incredibly  important to me and something I will continue to hopefully, always work on. This next year I hope to take my practice a little more seriously and to really deepen my practice. I have a routine, but I would like to develop it more and keep showing up everyday. Throughout my journey I have already experienced so many positive benefits from meditating, but I know there is always more to gain. Most importantly, I know there is more to learn about myself. Here’s to another year of practicing, connecting with myself and deepening my practice!

Thanks as always for reading. Namaste! 💕 🙏 💕