730 Days of Meditation 🙏🏻 <3

2.7.17 💕 🙏 💕 

A day late, but nonetheless…yesterday I reached TWO YEARS of MEDITATING!!! That’s 730 days in a row! Waaahooo! You can read all about my meditation journey here. Today I’m very thankful for how far I’ve come and for completing two years of my practices. Over the last two years I have learned some pretty cool things. For example:

  • I need to take care of myself.
  • I need to support and nourish my mind, body and soul.
  • I have become fully present in the now and deeply connected to my inner guide.

Let me tell you friends, meditation does wonders and I would be so lost without it.

I LOVE these images and quotes below. They totally summarizes my thoughts/feelings about meditation. ❤

One of the phrases/quotes that really struck me above was, “one day it just clicks.” This is so very true. Like many of you may know, my first introduction to mindfulness and meditation was in 2011 when I took a mini-series on stress reduction. That mini-series transpired to me taking an 8-week MBSR (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction) course, where my meditation practice really started. Between 2011-2015 I toggled back and forth with practicing and attending workshops with my dear friend and mentor, Cassie. However, it wasn’t until February of 2015 when I decided to dive “all in” and seriously begin my meditation practice. Like the quote says “one day it just clicks” and that’s exactly what happened for me. After that day I was well on my way. I decided right then and there to begin my meditation practice and to keep at it for one year…and here I am, two years later! 🙂

Meditation is by far the best gift I could ever give myself. Throughout my practice I have gained so much more than I ever thought possible! It’s amazing what happens when you fully incorporate something like meditation into your daily life; the benefits are unbelievable and so very rewarding.

As I approach these types of milestones, I tend to reflect a lot on my practice and always give thanks and gratitude to the person who got me started on this beautiful journey. Cassie, I can’t thank you enough for what you have given me. Thank you for showing me the way and for being such a wonderful friend and mentor. I love you dearly! ❤

My mediation practice is incredibly  important to me and something I will continue to hopefully, always work on. This next year I hope to take my practice a little more seriously and to really deepen my practice. I have a routine, but I would like to develop it more and keep showing up everyday. Throughout my journey I have already experienced so many positive benefits from meditating, but I know there is always more to gain. Most importantly, I know there is more to learn about myself. Here’s to another year of practicing, connecting with myself and deepening my practice!

Thanks as always for reading. Namaste! 💕 🙏 💕 



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