Happy December 1st & Holiday Bucket List

Happy Friday and December 1st!


Where the heck did November go?! We are down to the last 31 days of the year…let that sink in for a second haha.

It’s finally starting to feel cooler here in “always sunny Santa Barbara” which makes me so excited! The past few months haven’t allowed for the usual fall clothing of boots, scarves and sweaters. It was like 80*+ on Thanksgiving. Hoping December will allow my boots, scarves and sweaters to come out of the closet and be worn haha. I’m really missing living in the Bay Area and having cooler/fall like weather and rain…although they have had pretty wacky weather too!

Anyway, back in September I did a Fall Bucket List. You can read all about it here. It was super fun to have a list of stuff to do, so I thought I would do another one for the Holidays. So here we go!

Holiday Bucket List 2017

  1. Make homemade hot chocolate
  2. Bake Christmas cookies
  3. Drive around and look at lights
  4. See the SF Nutcracker
  5. Give back to your local community
  6. Attend a holiday party
  7. Purchase a sentimental ornament or a new one
  8. Watch a classic Christmas movie along with anything on this list
  9. Get a Christmas tree and decorate it
  10. Send holiday cards to friends and family
  11. Hang stockings (in our case we need to get stockings!)
  12.  Put up lights outside and inside the house
  13. Go to Disneyland and see all of the holiday lights, declarations and treats
  14. Read a book with a cozy blanket by the fire
  15. Wear red nail polish
  16. Wrap Christmas presents
  17. Find a fun way to display your holiday cards
  18. Make a playlist of your favorite holiday tunes
  19. Read a book by the fire with a cozy blanket
  20. Watch “A Christmas Story” on loop!

What’s on your Holiday Bucket List? Happy Friday friends! Wishing you a great weekend.



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