Opening Day ⚾️🧡🖤⚾️🧡🖤




I’m soooo freaking excited baseball is back! Today I’m proudly sporting my black and orange for my SF GIANTS even if I work with a bunch of Dodger fans (boo). We’re back to an even numbered year so…who knows what the Giants will be up too this year. I’m really hoping for another World Series win because that would just be AWESOME! And let’s face it, SF needs more of these!


Loooooved this ultimate guide to AT&T Park and this article too with pictures from baseball in San Francisco!

Growing up in the Bay Area, we were Giants fans from the very beginning! Love looking at all this pictures with my family, hubby and bestie going to so many games. Really hoping to make it up to SF this season to watch a game in person. It’s so hard being in SB and away from any ballparks haha.


Plaaaaay Baaaaall!⚾️🧡🖤⚾️

Hope you all have a great day and GOOOOOOO GIANTS!



Happy National Sibling Day 👭 and GIANTS Opening Day!⚾️⚾️

Happy Monday everyone!

First off I want to wish my AMAZING sister Ariana a very Happy National Sibling Day!! I feel truly lucky to have such a wonderful sister. We’ve been through it all and I can’t imagine doing it with anyone else. Sissy’s for life! Here’s to many more laughs, adventures, and good times together! I LOVE you so much Ari! 💕💕


Secondly, BASEBALL is BACK!


Soooo freaking excited baseball is back! It may be an odd numbered year, but you never know that the SF Giants are up too! Maybe it’s all about World Series in odd numbered years! Let’s Goooooooo Giants!!!!

Check out this cool article with pictures from baseball in San Francisco!


Plaaaaay Baaaaall!⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️⚾️

Hope you all have a great start to your week!




HAPPY FRIDAY!! We finally made it! Waaahooo.

Aside from it being FRIDAY we are super excited because tonight is game #1 of the NLDS! giants-vs-cubs

It’s an EVEN year so you know what that means…GIANTS are on their way to the WORLD SERIES! Hey, with our track record it could totally happen! You can read about our excited from 2014! Excited for the game. Excited it’s Friday. Excited for the weekend!

Goals for the weekend:

  1. Put our kitchen back together! We actually did a kitchen reno at the beginning of September and haven’t had a kitchen since then. Everything is almost done and we couldn’t be more excited. Yippie!!! Blog post all about the reno coming soon!
  2. Decorate for Halloween! Yes, it’s already 7 days into October and we have yet to decorate. Horrible I know! I blame the kitchen reno for that delay haha.
  3. Stay cool. It’s going to warm up AGAIN this weekend. So ready for fall weather.
  4. Relax!

Hope you all have something fun planned for the weekend! See you next week. TGIF!




The San Francisco Giants have WON the WORLD SERIESAGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! It doesn’t get much better than this! I can’t believe it! Last nights game was so nerve-racking and my heart was pretty much racing the entire time! I’m sooooo thrilled and happy that we pulled off the WIN and are bringing home yet another WS Championship!!! It’s unreal that the Giants have won in 2010, 2012 and now 2014. I was telling my hubby that I don’t even care about next season, bring on 2016. Clearly winning in even years is the trick!


 As soon as they won we busted out our SF Giants champagne and toasted to our team! We bought that bottle of champagne back in 2012 and have patiently been saving it for the next time the Giants won the World Series to drink it. Guess we will have to get another bottle and wait for our next win in 2016?!?!?

 champs unnamed

I love being a SF Giants fan and am so excited we have another World Series Championship!!

Three WS in the past years…unbelievable!



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