Holiday Updates 🎄🎁🎉🍾

I’m back! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family/friends and celebrated the New Year in style! Isn’t it just crazy how fast the holidays come and go…and now it’s 2017.

We’ve been traveling a lot over the holidays, hence my mini-break from the blog. Here’s a quick recap of our holidays:

12.23.16 On Friday I baked a ton of cookies during the day (since I had the day off-yes) and then we made a little Christmas dinner with a small meat roast from Trader Joe’s, potatoes and veggies. After dinner we went to the Sharks game! Love when Tof gets free tickets from his patients! Can’t pass up a game when free tickets are involved.

12.24.16 Since we were going to be with my family later in the day and then in the car on Christmas, we opened our present today! Tof made a big breakfast (waffles) and we enjoyed a relaxing morning drinking coffee and opening all our gifts. ❤

We spent Christmas Eve with my family; just the six of us (mom, dad, Ari, Brian & Tof) oh and 6 dogs! For dinner we had our traditional Christmas Eve meal, which consisted of ham, Grammis potatoes, sauerkraut and plenty of mulled wine. For dessert we ate a bunch of Christmas cookies and then opened presents from my parents and our Secret Santas.

Our family sure is growing with the addition of Ari and Brian’s dogs, Hazel and Muddy!

I think Hazel and Muddy are fitting in just fine! Love all these sweet pups! ❤

12.25.16 Christmas morning we got up bright an early (like 6am) and got in the car to head to Southern California for Christmas with Chris’s mom. We caught a beautiful Christmas sunrise that was just stunning! The roads were so quiet that early, so it made this sunrise even more majestic. What a great way to start Christmas! ❤


On our way down via Highway-5, The Grapevine had SNOW! Last year there was also some snow, but this year there was a TON. So much snow that we just had to pull over and let the dogs check it out! Check these awesome pictures! Emma LOVED the snow, Dash was a little hesitant at first but also thought it was pretty cool And yes, that would be y hubby in SHORTS and SANDALS in the snow haha.

Looks like we’ve got SNOW!

Funny how those oh so white mini schnauzers don’t look so white in the snow haha. Can’t wait to take them to the snow again because they really loved it!

We got down to Huntington Beach in pretty good time (around noon) and spent the rest of the day just relaxing. Later we watched Sully (love Tom Hanks), had our usual Christmas dinner of prime rib (so good) and then opened presents. I missed my family, but loved being able to spend time with my other family :). We took lots of pictures and then headed to bed.

P.S. Best gift from my hubby…t-shirt from the best movie ever!! Good job!

12.26.16 On Monday we went to San Diego for the day to visit with Tof’s sister Kristen and our niblings! I can’t believe how big Colton (5), Kendall (3) and Madison (3) are! Such cuties and so grown up already. They are at a really fun age and just wanted to play, show us their rooms and spend some quality time with Auntie Risa and Uncle Chris. During our visit we also found out we will be aunt and uncle AGAIN in June because Kristen is pregnant with baby #4! ❤ ❤ ❤

So hard to get pictures of these kids because they are so active! Can’t believe come June there will be FOUR of them! So happy and excited for the growing Cline family! ❤

12.27-12.29 On our way back from SoCal we usually stop in SB in order to break up the drive home. It’s always great to spend a little time in SB and see old friends! Thanks to Eva for letting us stay with her.

We ❤ SB

12.31-1.1.17 On Saturday we headed to see our friends Jess and Dan in Oakdale, CA. I think this is our 4th NYE that we’ve spent together…par-tay people! In the past, we’ve gone to these big NYE party, but for the past two years there have been no parties. I think the guy who throws them is done. No problem for us; we create our own party!

After getting to Jess and Dan’s, we hung out for a little, had a yummy cheese/meat plate and then took our pups to the dog park! Those pups had a BLAST and loved running around/playing with each other! Check out these awesome pics! Such a great way to spend the last day of 2016.

After the dog park we played Spades (for hours), had a delicious fajitas dinner and played The Voting Game (which I won during my coworkers white elephant exchange) before the big countdown.

Couldn’t imagine ringing in the New Year with anyone else. Love these peeps so much and feel very grateful for their friendship! Hope you all had a wonderful NYE filled with friends, family and plenty of champagne.🍾 🍾

So that’s a wrap of all our holiday celebrations! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I will you a fabulous New Year! All best for 2017!!




Merry Christmas Eve! 🎄🎄


Hope you enjoy time with friends, family and loved ones tonight. Looking back, I have so many found memories of Christmas Eve as little kid…everything is just so magical this time of year! Can’t wait to spend time with my family; it’s going to be a wonderful day all around.

❤ 🎄🎅🎁🎄❤

Also wishing you all a wonderful Christmas tomorrow and truly hope you enjoy every moment. We are heading down to Huntington Beach early Christmas morning (like 5am) so we can celebrate with Chris’ mom. I’ll be back here in a few days to blog about all of our holiday festivities!




Holiday Traditions: Christmas Lights

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Completed another one of our holiday traditions over the weekend…looking at CHRISTMAS LIGHTS!!!

Looking at Christmas lights is something that I’ve been doing since I was a little kid. It became a tradition in my family growing up and now I’m doing it with my own little family schnauzers included! Last year I didn’t really blog about looking at lights because just the hubby and I went. I got a really nasty cold, so we had to cancel with our friends. But, you can read all about 2014 and 2013.

On Saturday 12.17.16 we got together with some friends and had dinner at Willow Street Pizza before looking at Christmas lights over in Willow Glen. I seriously LOVE all of the decorations in the Willow Glen area!  So totally charming! And the story behind it is even better! Just a little refresher, each house is given a small Christmas tree to put on their front yard to decorate. You can read more about the history of the Willow Glen Yard Trees, truly a lovely story. Seeing each house with a charming little tree on the front lawn in addition to whatever other decorations people put up is just magical.

The following pictures don’t even do this place justice! It is always so beautiful and so much fun. It was pretty cold Saturday night, so there weren’t as many people out there. Perfect for the four of us and our three dogs! I love that people get so into it and everything looks so festive!

Each street has a “theme”…this one had these adorable lighted Christmas trees you walk under. Too cute!

There is also a huge sleigh and this GIANT reindeer that are “pulling” the sleigh…this takes up lawns of multiple houses and looks super cool when you look down the street!

If anyone is still looking for places to look at holiday lights I highly recommend the Willow Glen area. Here is a map of the charming holiday lights. We will probably be taking a stroll or drive down Eucalyptus in San Carlos Christmas Eve with my family. CAN’T WAIT to see even more Christmas lights!

I’ve mentioned this before…but one of my goals/DREAM is to someday live on a street like the ones in Willow Glen or Eucalyptus in San Carlos. It would be just so much fun to go all out for the holidays. Someday…😀

Only FIVE more sleeps til Christmas and only TWO more days of work until break! Oh my goodness…so excited!



Holiday Decorations 🎄🎄

Today I thought I would share some of our holiday decorations. Before we take a tour of our house, let’s start with my office holiday decorations.

Within the last few years, my coworkers and I have been getting into decorating for everything! Our favorite has probably been Halloween. We started decorating with Halloween and it has taken off from there. It sure makes our cubs/offices feel more fun and festive! Here are some of my office decorations.

I also have these adorable holiday gel clings on my offcie door since it’s a sliding glass door, but the pictures aren’t turning out that great. Bummer, they are so cute and festive.

Now time to tour our home holiday decorations! In the past I don’t think I’ve shared anything other than our Christmas tree, so here goes. Like I mentioned in a previous post, we got out tree over Thanksgiving weekend and then decorated it the following weekend. Here’s the finished product…our beautiful tree with lights and decorations!




Here are a few other festive decorations around the house. I love all our Christmas stuff and look forward to growing our collection.

At some point, my mom started collecting these ADORABLE Hallmark Musical Snowmen. Each year, Hallmark comes out with a new musical snowman. As my mom began collecting them, we got excited to see what the newest snowman was going to look like! This website seems to have a bunch of the old ones so you can get the idea of what they look liked over the years. You can check out this years snowman too. So cute right?! I eventually started my own collection and have been getting one each year since 2010. Here’s a few pictures of our growing collection!

Another favorite decoration in our house is the Hallmark Peanuts Band! These guys are awesome! Each member plays two Christmas songs. Then, they all work together wirelessly to play as a group. OMG! So totally cool right?! 😀 The songs each character plays is as follows: Snoopy on the guitar: “Jolly Old St. Nicholas” and “Silent Night” Lucy on the flute: “O Christmas Tree” and “Up on the Rooftop” Schroeder on his piano: “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls” Charlie Brown: plays the sax “The Twelve Days of Christmas” and “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear” Linus: plays the trumpet “We Wish You a Merry Christmas” and “Joy to the World”. It’s so fun much fun and we love anything Peanuts!


The hubby loves lights, especially Christmas lights! He always does such a great job with the outdoor lights no matter the holiday. We’ve got lights around several windows, along our back fence as well as snowflakes and a JOY sign in other windows. This year we added some fun candy cane lights to our collection. We also have these great tinsel dudes that make up a mini outdoor display. Can’t have these in the house because our pup Dash would destroy them ha ha. Aren’t these guys so festive?! Love it!

The dogs got groomed over the weekend just in time for Christmas and I MUST show off their cuteness! How precious are they? Our groomer has a photo back drop in her grooming salon so she took these really cute Christmas photos of Emma and Dash. So precious…and Dash with that tie…ahhhh too cute. And of course we have to get a picture of them by the tree! Love these crazy mini schnauzers so much! ❤ ❤
Thanks for taking a peek into our simply decorated house. I love the way our home feels during Christmas. The twinkling lights, all the festive decorations and the coziness of it all. December is just a magical month, don’t you agree?



TGIF everyone! Happy Happy Friday!


Waaaaaahooooooo we finally made it to Friday! I feel like the week after Thanksgiving break is always tough. So glad the weekend is here!

What are everyone’s plans this weekend? We’ve got a few things on our list.

First up, get the Christmas tree decorated! 🎄🎄 We took advantage of the long Thanksgiving weekend and got our Christmas tree on 11.27.16. It felt a little early for me…but so glad we already have it. Not to mention, our house smells GREAT!

We went back to ABC Farms and picked out our tree super fast! Usually we go at night so it’s dark and we can’t see a thing. Sometimes it’s kinda fun not really knowing exactly what we getting…this year we went in the late afternoon and had no trouble picking out a tree. Last year poor Dash ate a bunch of chocolate while we were getting our tree and got pretty sick. Luckily he was OK and this year didn’t eat any chocolate. #thankgoodness

Found a great tree this year! Not as tall as the hubby wanted, but I think it will be just perfect!

We got the tree home on our new Subaru (well not new, but first time putting a tree on the Subie) and got it in the house. Hubby even got the lights up too! I come from the tradition of waiting until the month of December to actual get the tree and decorate it, so this felt a little early to me. However, now that we have our tree in the house (with some lights) I’m so excited for the holiday season! Our entire house smells like CHRISTMAS and I’m just giddy with excitement haha. We have most of the decorations around the house, but still need to decorate the tree. Hopefully we will get that done…TONIGHT! I think it’s a great night to have a bottle of wine and trim our tree! I’ll be sure to post pics of the finished product.

Other weekend plans include:

  • Seeing/visiting with our friends Jess, Dan and their adorable dog Izzie.
  • Sushi/Saki dinner party! My coworker Lilly is taking her comp exams for her masters program on Saturday so we plan to celebrate BIG time Saturday night once she is all done. Looking forward to lots of delicious sushi, celebrating with friends/coworkers and drinking lots Saki!
  • Sister’s 28th Birthday celebration! My sissy’s birthday is on 12.3.16, but we will be celebrating as a family in Sunday. Can’t believe my baby sister is already 28…where has the time gone?! Love her to pieces and really looking forward to all the celebrations!

Hope you all have a great Friday and a fabulous weekend. See ya next week!





Holiday Update 🎄🎁

I’m back! Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas with family/friends and are now excited to ring in the new year! It’s just crazy how fast the holidays come and go…

We just got back yesterday after all of our holiday travels down to Southern California and are quickly getting ready for New Years. Here’s a quick recap of our holidays:

We spent Christmas Eve with my family; just the six of us (mom, dad, Ari, Brian & Chris) oh and of course 4  mini schnauzers! My Latvian cousin, Anda couldn’t make it this year, which was a real bummer! We sure missed her! For dinner we had our traditional Christmas Eve meal, which consisted of ham, Grammis potatoes, sauerkraut and plenty of mulled wine. For dessert we ate a bunch of Christmas cookies and then opened presents from my parents. For the last few years they have been getting us gifts as couple. This year we got a new crockpot and I can’t wait to use it!!

  (Photo collection is from Christmas Eve and Christmas Day)

Christmas morning we opened up the gifts we got each other and had a cup of coffee, or two. After that we headed back to my parents house for our Christmas day celebration. We had our traditional Belgium waffle breakfast along with some handmade cinnamon rolls that are Ari and Brian made from scratch. Yum yum! Once we finished breakfast, we opened up our Secret Santa presents and had an absolute blast! One thing that we also do in addition to our Secret Santa presents is donating to a charity in honor of the person we have for Secret Santa. Over the years it’s been so fun to see where people donate in honor of each other.

In the afternoon, we loaded up the cars and headed to Napa to have Christmas dinner with some of my uncles and my cousin and her kids. We had a delicious turkey and lots of cookies and pies for dessert. It was really nice seeing everyone and being able to spend time together.

On Saturday morning 12.26 we headed down to Southern California for Christmas #2 with Chris’s mom. On our way down, via Highway five The Grapevine had SNOW on it! Check this picture out!

Once we arrived in Huntington Beach, we unpacked and just spend the rest of the day hanging out. We had prime rib for dinner which was absolutely delicious and then opened up our presents. All four dogs got along really well and had a great time exploring the backyard and enjoying the SoCal sunshine. Although we didn’t get down to San Diego to see our nephew Colton and twin nieces Kendall and Madison, we still had a really nice visit. We even got to see Chris’s best friend Melvin, who unfortunately lost his dad on Christmas. It was nice to spend some time with Melvin and his sister even though they’re going through such a difficult time. We love our SoCal family and friends!

 Look at these pups having a blast!

We left Tuesday afternoon and headed to Santa Barbara. We decided to take the coast route, PCH. I love being close to the ocean! I think a lot of other people thought it was a good idea to take PCH, so we ended up getting to SB later than we originally planned. We did manage however to go to our favorite sushi restaurant, Arigato for dinner. This place seriously has the best sushi ever! We had a really lovely time eating some of our favorite sushi rolls and just enjoying spending time together. Santa Barbara holds a really special place in our heart especially since that’s where we both went to college and where we met and then fell in love. ❤ ❤ We just love everything about Santa Barbara.

The next morning we had breakfast at our favorite place, The Daily Grind for breakfast burritos and bagel sandwiches. After breakfast, we stopped at UCSB for a quick walk around campus with the dogs. UCSB is getting a new library starting in January and oh my goodness it’s absolutely gorgeous. After taking some photos we got back in the car and headed home to San Jose.

Overall, we had a really, really lovely time celebrating the holidays with both of our families. I’m so glad we got to spend quality time with both my family and also with Chris’s family. Can’t wait to get down to San Diego at some point in the new year to see our nibblings!

Hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful time celebrating with your friends and family. Also wishing everyone a very happy New Year’s Eve today!! Best wishes for a fun night filled with lots of bubbly!

Here’s to the lat post of 2015! Have a great night!



Merry Christmas Eve! 🎄🎄

❤ 🎄🎅🎁🎄 ❤

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas Eve!! Enjoy time with friends, family and loved ones! This really is the most wonderful time of the year!

❤ 🎄🎅🎁🎄 ❤

Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas tomorrow and enjoy every moment with loved ones. I’ll be back in a few days to blog about all of our holiday festivities!