Friday the 13th 👻👻


T.G.I.F. AND Friday the 13th in OCTOBER…LOOK OUT!

Clearly I can’t keep calm because this is awesome! What a day it’s going to be. Ha Ha Ha. I feel like today should be embraced for both it’s potential awesomeness and spooky factor. How often do we have a Friday the 13th that falls in the month of October??? The answer is, not that often. The last time we had a Friday the 13th in October was in 2006. That was ELEVEN years ago people! Having a Friday the 13th happen in October than any other month is not only rare but a little spooky! Totally fits for the “spooky” month of October.

Now I don’t consider myself very superstitious, but I probably buy into things a little more than others. At the end of the day I love October, I love Halloween and will make any excuse to do something more spooky, especially today.

When I started looking into Friday the 13th stuff I found a few weird/interesting things:

  1. The superstition’s origins are mysterious — It’s unclear when Friday and number 13 became linked in the way we think of them today. Apparently there are no mentions of Friday the 13th before the 19th century…
  2. Fear of the day itself has an official name —  paraskevidekatriaphobia (yea I have no idea how to pronounce that)
  3. Many hospitals have no room 13, while airports don’t have a Gate 13. Hotels and skyscrapers also tend to dismiss the unlucky floor by skipping straight from 12 to 14. Ooooooh now that’s creepy!
  4. Lucky #13 —  There have been superstitions around the number 13 for hundreds of  years. But the number 13 isn’t bad luck to everyone. In some cultures it’s looked upon as a good luck number. So get a lottery ticket today!
  5. The King of Horror (old-time horror that is) — Alfred Hitchcock, was born on Aug. 13, 1899.
  6. Apollo 13 — Lots of 13’s here…Apollo 13 launched at 1:13 p.m. on April 11th with Jim Lovell, Jack Swigert and Fred Haise. That’s right: there are three 13s there (13:13 p.m. by military time). Hmmmm
  7. Today is Friday the 13th which means tomorrow is Saturday the 14th, which means WEEKEND!

I also found some great lists of things to do on Friday the 13th. Here are a few that we might even try out!

  1. I get a tattoo — apparently lots of shops do a Friday the 13th specials (this would be awesome!)
  2. Play with a Ouija board  — those things can be suuuuper creepy
  3. Have a scary movie marathon (totally happening!)
  4. Do something superstitious —  I love this list. What are some of your superstitions? Will you try your luck with any of them??
  5. Buy a lottery ticket — remember lucky #13
  6. Adopt a black cat

Friday the 13th is really what you make it. If you want to blow it off as just another calendar day, go for it. But, if you’re the type who thinks superstitions can be a little fun, or at the very least are looking for an excuse to stay home and watch a bunch of scary movies, make sure to relish Friday the 13th this year. I mean it’s finally occurring in October! Double win I think.

friday the 13th

So how do you plan to spending your Friday the 13th??? Wishing you all a spooky and lucky day. Have a great weekend!



Happy October 🎃🍁🍂🍃🎃


October is by far my FAVORITE month out of the year! And here’s why:

 — Cooler weather (hopefully…Santa Barbara has pretty nice weather year round so we’ll see what happens)

— Leaves changing colors (we get a few in CA…do palm trees count?! 😉)

— The days getting shorter. Call me crazy, but I kind of like this! Just seems fitting for fall…

— PUMPKIN everything! Pumpkin patches, pumpkin decorations, pumpkins on your porch, pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin treats. ALL THINGS PUMPKIN! Trader Joe’s has quite the display of pumpkin stuff and it gets me EVERY. TIME. Can’t help myself but to buy something pumpkin related haha.🎃

— College football! Fall in our house is all about USC football. Fight On! Gooooooo USC!

— Cozy sweaters, hoodies, scarves, boots, etc. Fall clothes are the best.

— Our anniversary! Chris and I actually got married in Santa Barbara and are coming up on 7 years of marriage…of my goodness! This is the first time we will be in the same place where we got married. Looking forward to celebrating in the town we fell in love.  ❤10.02.10

— Getting cozy on the couch. Love to get snugly with a good book, a cup of tea and my pups (hubby too).

— The holidays. October essentially kicks off the holiday season and the gathering together of family and friends. Awww


— Lastly, I love October because Halloween is my FAVORITE holiday of all time!!!!! I live for all things Halloween. As a kid, Halloween was big in our family and still is today.  Yes, we have more Halloween/fall decorations than Christmas…that’s just the way it is he he he. Sorry hubby! Don’t worry, we are working on all Christmas collection I promise 😉 But, Halloween will always be big. Call me crazy, but I can’t decorate for Fall until October 1st. I know fall starts in September, but I can’t do it until we hit October. I think I need to next live somewhere where there really is fall. Maybe that would help me decorate earlier. Anyway, I can’t wait to get all of our Halloween/fall decorations out and decorate our house. This will be the first year decorating our new place in SB so that’s going to be fun. Halloween is coming friends, get excited!


Happy 1st day of October! Hope you all have a fantastic Sunday!


Fall Bucket List 🎃🍁🍂🍃🎃

fall bucket list

It may be cliché, but I really do love fall. Always have and always will. Every year I get that ‘fall feeling’ that makes me feel all warm and cozy inside. Kind of funny I guess since we live in CA and don’t really get “fall” like they do in other parts of the country. As a kid I always loved fall, especially Halloween (it was BIG in our house and still is). When fall comes around each year I feel a little nostalgic. It reminds me of how much I loved this time of year when I was younger. There’s really nothing better than a crisp morning, one that requires your favorite sweater or hoodie and warm drink in hand. I love the smells of pumpkin, cinnamon and just the general yumminess that comes with fall baking. I love a crackling fire (sadly we just have an electric fireplace), but I can imagine the crackling right?! I also love getting the crockpot out and making our favorite meals and trying new recipes. There is something that’s just so wonderful about fall that makes me love every part of it.

I’ve never really done a bucket list on the blog before. We always do things each fall, but figured this year I would try it out. So here’s our Fall Bucket List 2017:

  1. Go to the farmers market for fall vegetables, fruits and flowers
  2. Visit a pumpkin patch
  3. Decorate for fall/Halloween
  4. Carve pumpkins
  5. Read a book with a cozy blanket by the fire
  6. Bake a homemade pie
  7. Have a scary movie date night
  8. Try a new recipe in the slow cooker
  9. Watch Hocus Pocus (one of my favorite movies)
  10. Bake pumpkin chocolate chip bread
  11. Snuggle on the couch with the hubby and pups
  12. Wear dark nail polish and dress in layers (leggings, boots, sweaters and scarves)
  13. Take a walk outside in the crisp air
  14. Go to Disneyland to see all the Halloween decorations (both parks are decorated this year!)
  15. Listen to Vivaldi’s The Four Seasons – Fall. (I used to listen to this CD when I was little as I  was going to bed…fell asleep almost instantly haha.)
  16. Take a trip/visit someplace that really embodies fall (I’m coming for you Colorado!)

What’s on your Fall Bucket List? Would love to get ideas to add to ours and for future lists! If you’re looking for ideas, I really, really love this list. I definitely want to add some of these to our list!

Thanks for reading and happy Monday!


Happy First Day of Fall 🍃🍁🍂 & Happy Names Day to Me! 🇱🇻



Today’s a BIG day because it’s not only the FIRST DAY OF FALL, but it’s also my NAMES DAY!!! 

If you know me or have been reading this blog, you know that:

  1. I LOVE fall
  2. I am Latvian
  3. There are going to be a lot of posts these next few months because of this!


Fall is by far my absolute favorite time of the year! Now that we’ve moved to Santa Barbara I’m not sure how much “fall” we are going to get. It’s not exactly sweater weather yet…the high today is supposed to be 73*. To be honest, I can’t remember what Santa Barbara is like in the fall ha! It’s been some time since I’ve lived here during fall, so we will have to see how the weather turns out. All I have to say is that I’m ready for boots, scarves, pumpkins, cool/crisp weather, baking and enjoying the “change in seasons” (not that we get much of that in CA). But, I’m excited either way to be entering the fall season because I love everything about it!

This is SO me!

Next up, today is my NAMES DAY!  🇱🇻 🇱🇻

Daudz Laimes Vārda Dienā man!

That’s Latvian for HAPPY NAMES DAY TO ME! According to the Latvian calendar, September 22 is my names day! A few years I did a blog post all about being Latvian and my names day. You can check it out here.

Growing up (especially with Latvian grandparents) celebrating our names day was a big deal. It’s days like today that I really miss my Latvian grandparents. I also miss my Grammi’s klingeris (or yellow bread as we called it). For the past few years, my Dad and sister Ari have been working hard on perfecting Grammi’s yellow bread recipe. Each year they get closer and closer to her recipe. Hopefully this year will be it!


Hope you all have a great Friday and a wonderful weekend! TGIF


Birthday Celebrations 🎉

Happy Thursday everyone! I’m a little late in posting about all the weekend celebrations,  so here we go!

2.17.17 (My actual birthday) 🎉 🎉 


Like I’ve shared before, my office is really into decorating, especially for birthdays! When I got to work my office was completely decorated with lots of festive bday stuff. Cynthia does a great job decorating for birthdays and planning something for the birthday people. I  get to share my birthday with my work wife/bestie Ashley so it’s even more fun! This year there was breakfast and coffee for us. Such a great way to start a Friday! For lunch a bunch of us went to get pizza at Sammy G’s. This place is so much fun and reminds me a lot of some of the places in Isla Vista. If only we could have gotten pitchers of beer…we’ll have to save that for an after work happy hour haha. Unfortunately, we had a staff meeting later in the day but it turned out to not be very long and we had yummy bundt cake from Lilly! Score!


My co workers made us both feel so special! Thanks for such a great day everyone! Love you!

After work Ashley and I went to get all of our free birthday treats! First we got free slices of cake from Susie Cakes. Then it was off to Kendra Scott to design the ring below that we bought for each other as our birthday present. And to end our afternoon of free gifts, we got Bubbly Bears from Sugarfina and our birthday gift from Sephora.  So many birthday treats! We really brought home quite the collection of gifts. Loved being able to spend some quality time with my work wife and bestie! Happy Birthday Ashley! ❤


That evening, the hubby and I went out for sushi at one of our favorite places, Sushi 2 2 Train. Our friends Chris and Lilly introduced us to this place. The owner Sang is such a great sushi chef and we always have a blast when we go here. I even got a special birthday sushi roll with a candle. How awesome is that?! After dinner it was back to the house for that slice of cake and presents. Thanks Tof for making my birthday so wonderful! You and the pups spoil me! Love you!❤❤❤


2.19.17 Wine Tasting at Bella

On Sunday we spent the day at our winery, Bella Vineyards & Wine Caves located in beautiful Healdsburg, CA. To continue the birthday celebrations, we decided to sign up for a tour at Bella and bring some of our friends with us. So glad that Chris & Lilly and Ashley & Erwin were able to join us on this trip! On the way up we stopped at our favorite place, the Dry Creek General Store. They have the best sandwiches, cheese selections and other yummy treats! Since it was raining, we had our picnic lunch inside the store which ended up not being that busy (probably because of all the rain). Our tour at Bella wasn’t until 1:30pm so we had a little time to relax, shop and enjoy some good food before doing our tour and wine tasting.


After lunch we headed over to Bella for our tour and wine tasting. We didn’t get to do a lot of the outdoor part of the tour since it was so rainy. But, we did get to go deeper into the wine caves (yes!), hear more about Bella’s process and take tons of pictures! Bella has this private tasting room that I have always wanted to go into. Well guess what?!?!? That’s were we got to do our private wine tasting!! Not only did we have an awesome wine flight, but we also got to do a barrel tasting. Since it was my birthday, I got to remove the “bung” (cap to the barrel) and then use the wine thief to pour samples for everyone. This was so totally cool! Did you know that a barrel can hold 300 bottles of wine?!?!?! We had no clue. We got to taste from two barrels and they were so delicious. The first one was a Lily Hill Zin and if we could have rolled that bad boy to our car we would have! Seriously so good! I think it might be in our fall shipment, so we will be on the look out for that one! After we finished our tasting and taking even more pictures, we were actually able to stay in the private room and have more wine and the rest of the snacks we brought with us. Yes! We felt pretty special being in our own private room. Chris and I have always wanted to do a tour and be in the private tasting room, so we were beyond grateful to have finally done this! We had such a great time, that we ended up closing the place down (they close at 4:30). Here are a bunch of fun pictures from our day at Bella.

There is nothing better than a relaxing day enjoying good wine and spending time with really great people. Thank you guys so much for spending a rainy day with us at Bella. We had an absolute blast and love you guys so much!  ❤❤❤

After an awesome day at Bella, we then had dinner with my family to celebrate. So much good food, desserts (2 cakes!) and more presents. Love my family so much. Certainly felt the birthday love this whole weekend! Cheers to 33! 🙂

Chris was off on Monday and I took a vacation day. Thank goodness because we spent the day recovering from such a fun weekend. We were also hit with a huge rain storm so it was perfect weather for just hanging around the house and relaxing.

Hope your week is going well…Friday is almost here! Thanks for reading!


Happy Halloween!! 🎃👻🎃👻


Today is the day! It’s finally my FAVORITE holiday of the year!




Our office dressed up again this year…this time as SUPERHEROES! Not as many people ended up being at the office today, so our group was on the smaller size compared to last year. We still looked AWESOME and even had a few students who wanted to take their picture with us! #winning

Seriously love these photos!

Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy a spooky night with friends, family, ghosts and goblins! Be safe and have lots of FUN!



See you tomorrow! Can’t believe October is almost at a close….


🎃 👻 🎃 👻