Meeting Cory Richards

Happy Saturday friends! We finally made it to the weekend. Things have been a little crazy in SoCal due to the terrible fires burning in Ventura and LA. We are OK and safe in Goleta/Santa Barbara; just dealing with lots of smoke, ash and horrible air quality.

Thursday night we went to an event on campus, Cory Richards — #LifeNoFilter and I’m soooooo glad it wasn’t cancelled. For those of you who don’t know, Cory Richards is one of the world’s leading adventure and expedition photographers and climber. He is part of the North Face athletic team and delivers stunning images to National GeographicOutside and The New York Times. In 2012, he was named one of National Geographic’s Adventurers of the Year for being the first American to summit an 8,000 meter peak in winter – Pakistan’s Gasherbrum II. Cory and fellow climber Adrian Ballinger also grew lots of attention with #EverestNoFilter when the two documentated their climb on Everest via Snapchat.

Cory’s #LifeNoFilter talk was incredible and made for a totally awesome night. I honestly had no idea what to expect; I was just excited to see and hopefully meet him! Cory was hands-down AWESOME. He was so brutally honest, raw, totally down to earth, super funny and a real inspiration. This may sound cheesy, but I was really touched and moved by his presentation. Not only were his photographs stunning, but the stories that came with them were just unbelievable. His perspective and take on life is so something I wish I could embody. Although, at times Cory’s story is sad, he still has a an incredibly positive outlook on life and just keeps going.

It’s funny because for as long as I can remember, I have been absolutely fascinated by Everest, mountain climbing and anyone who accomplishes this feat. Which is kind of odd because I’m not a climber at all. Yet, having the chance to be near Everest or attempt to climb it is weirdly on my bucket list. Crazy right?! Anyway, I can’t even remember now how I came across or learned about Cory Richards in the first place. But now having not only seen him, heard his story and meet him (OMG 😀 he’s truly the most honest and incredible individual) I admire him even more.

Through is talk I learned so much about him, why he does the work that he does and his perspective on life. Cory stressed that HONESTY of above all things is most important. I also especially liked when he said “where ever you go, there you are.” TRUTH. That one really hit home. He’s so passionate and very inspiring.

“If my photographs in any way make somebody feel fear, joy, or love or vulnerability, I’ve succeeded.” — Cory Richards

From this short evening I feel like the audience really got to know the real Cory and got a glimpse of what his life looks like. His photos certainly showed us fear, joy, love and vulnerability. If you want to learn/read more about Cory, check these articles out:

  1. After Summiting Mt. Everest, He Returned Home to Face His Demons
  2. To Get to the Summit, Cory Richards Had to Lose It All

  3. National Geographic Creative

After his talk, there was time for Q&A and then Cory offered to meet and talk with people outside. O.M.G. I DIED! Honestly I don’t mean to be dramatic, but I was beyond excited to have the chance to meet him and possible take a picture with him. Hence the HUGE smile on my face below. ❤ ❤ ❤


Chris walked up to him first to introduce himself and say “my wife thinks your absolutely dreamy.” TRUTH hubby, TRUTH. ❤ ❤ Cory and I got to take a picture together first and then ask him a few questions. I think I blacked out I was so start struck ha ha ha. But then we took a group selfie 📷: taken by the very talented @coryrichards himself!! Then I died again.

cory 2

Seriously, this guy is the best! He really took the time to chat with everyone who wanted to ask him something or take a quick picture. THANK YOU Cory for coming to UCSB and for taking the time to talk/take pictures with us! I’m so inspired by you and all the work you do. Keep it up and I sincerely hope we meet again!

Have a great weekend everyone!





Happy December 1st & Holiday Bucket List

Happy Friday and December 1st!


Where the heck did November go?! We are down to the last 31 days of the year…let that sink in for a second haha.

It’s finally starting to feel cooler here in “always sunny Santa Barbara” which makes me so excited! The past few months haven’t allowed for the usual fall clothing of boots, scarves and sweaters. It was like 80*+ on Thanksgiving. Hoping December will allow my boots, scarves and sweaters to come out of the closet and be worn haha. I’m really missing living in the Bay Area and having cooler/fall like weather and rain…although they have had pretty wacky weather too!

Anyway, back in September I did a Fall Bucket List. You can read all about it here. It was super fun to have a list of stuff to do, so I thought I would do another one for the Holidays. So here we go!

Holiday Bucket List 2017

  1. Make homemade hot chocolate
  2. Bake Christmas cookies
  3. Drive around and look at lights
  4. See the SF Nutcracker
  5. Give back to your local community
  6. Attend a holiday party
  7. Purchase a sentimental ornament or a new one
  8. Watch a classic Christmas movie along with anything on this list
  9. Get a Christmas tree and decorate it
  10. Send holiday cards to friends and family
  11. Hang stockings (in our case we need to get stockings!)
  12.  Put up lights outside and inside the house
  13. Go to Disneyland and see all of the holiday lights, declarations and treats
  14. Read a book with a cozy blanket by the fire
  15. Wear red nail polish
  16. Wrap Christmas presents
  17. Find a fun way to display your holiday cards
  18. Make a playlist of your favorite holiday tunes
  19. Read a book by the fire with a cozy blanket
  20. Watch “A Christmas Story” on loop!

What’s on your Holiday Bucket List? Happy Friday friends! Wishing you a great weekend.



HAPPY 29th BIRTHDAY to my sister ARIANA!


Wishing my wonderful sissy a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thank you for being such an amazing, encouraging, supportive, funny and loving sister. I truly feel lucky to have you as my sister and best friend. I love you Ari! Happy Happy Birthday!! ❤️🎂🎉

Enjoy your LAST year in your 20’s!!


Happy Halloween!! 🎃👻🍭🎃👻🍭


Today is the day. It’s finally my FAVORITE holiday of the year!




This is the first Halloween with my new office at UCSB. They seem to get pretty into it, but only a few people decorated their offices. Our theme was classic Halloween. Love it! We had lots of witches (including me), cats and a variety of other characters. We also had a potluck at lunch so that was fun.


Still really missing my old coworkers from SJSU…we did Halloween BIG! Can’t wait to see how their themed costumes turn out this year. Love and miss you guys!


Now for some pictures with my handsome hubby! Chris went as a Ghostbuster (classic and perfect) and I was a witch.


Enjoy a spooky night with friends, family, ghosts and goblins! Be safe and have lots of FUN! We plan on passing out lots of candy, eating pizza and enjoying a scary movie or two!

See you tomorrow for the start of November. How can that be?!?! Can’t believe my favorite month and holiday are coming to a close….still time to enjoy a little more!

Xo 🎃 👻

Happy Halloween Eve! 🎃👻🎃👻

 🎃 👻 🎃 👻 HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVE!!!!  🎃 👻 🎃 👻 

Tomorrow is my FAVORITE  holiday of the year…H A L L O W E E N ! 

I look forward to October and especially Halloween every year. We’ve been celebrating and getting ready all month. So excited my favorite time of year is finally here!

Wishing you all a spooktacular Halloween Eve. See you tomorrow for HALLOWEEN.

Xo 🎃🎃


Halloween Decorations 🎃

Happy Sunday!

Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch, so last night we carved our pumpkins! I think they turned out really great. The pumpkins were super fresh and easy to gut/carve. Love that we always get pumpkins for Emma & Dash. Too bad they can’t help with the carving he he he.


This is the first year decorating for Halloween in our new place! Waaaahooooo🎃🎃. It was a little hard getting started, but once we got going, we got it all up in no time! We also seem to have MORE places to put Halloween stuff = EVEN BETTER! Halloween is EVERYWHERE in our house. Here are a few pictures.


This is my FAVORITE display for the year! Hubby built this table and boy has it come in handy.


Our Jack-O-Lanterns set up ion the porch.

Don’t forget to watch It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown tonight on ABC 8:00PM/7:00PM C.


Getting more and more excited for Halloween!!! Have a great rest of your evening.

Xo 🎃🎃

Friday Favorites: Halloween Addition 🎃

🎃 TGIF! 🎃

These are my exact thoughts today especially since it has been an incredibly looooooooooong week at work., ugh. Made it, just barely. Trying to find some excitement though because it’s the Friday before Halloween and as you know, I LOVE Halloween.

Last year I did a “Friday Favorites” on the blog and it was fun. This year I just got too darn busy so this is going to be a pretty brief post. Sorry!

My favorite things about Halloween:

  1. Halloween costumes
  2. Candy
  3. Pumpkin Carving
  4. Halloween Decorations
  5. Scary Movies/Halloween Movies
  6. Scary Books
  7. Halloween Parties
  8. Haunted Houses/Disneyland at Halloween
  9. Visiting the Pumpkin Patch
  10. Sending/getting Halloween cards and packages


This weekend we are going to try and cram all of our last Halloween “must do’s” in! It’s going to be tricky because I’ve gotten myself pretty busy haha. I recently joined the Santa Barbara Junior League, and this weekend we have one of our biggest events; Rummage. I’m volunteering tonight and working the event all day Saturday from 7-4pm. We are also going to try and get to Disneyland one last time before the Halloween decorations are gone. In addition, we need to carving pumpkins, roast pumpkin seeds and watch Season 2 of Stranger Things! This is A LOT, but we are going to try and do it all!

If you want to look at more of my Halloween obsession, check out my Pinterest board! I also found a great Halloween Candy Wine paring list! Check it out. Ok, that’s all I have the energy for today. Hope you enjoyed this brief post.

Happy Friday everyone! Hope you all have a spooky weekend and enjoy some pre-Halloween festivities! See you next more for so much Halloween fun!