Kitchen Reno

I’ve been delaying this post for several reasons, but mostly because I wanted to wait until our kitchen was ACTUALLY done. Well my friends, it’s finally FINISHED! Waaaahooooo! On October 24th we did the final walk through with our contractor and signed the final paperwork. Kitchen reno is DONE. I’m so excited to share with you the entire process. Get ready for lots of pictures.

After looking at a variety of different options and places to do our kitchen, we decided to go with IKEA . Overall, I wold say the entire process went really, really smooth. There were only a few hiccups along the way…like a fridge that didn’t quit fit into it’s space and waiting WEEKS for the darn counter top. IKEA for the most part was also great to work with. They contract out to a company that does the actually work for the kitchen (Tremond was their name). We worked with Domingo through Tremond, but he’s originally from DZ Cabinets Inc. (that’s his company and they work with IKEA). Domingo and his crew got in right away and got the job done. The longest and most annoying part was waiting on the counter tops to be templated and then waiting for them to be installed. Again, IKEA contracted this work out to a company called Stone Etc. so we didn’t have a choice of who to work with. Sadly, I have to report that Stone Etc. was the absolute WORST! They never returned our emails or phone calls. Additionally, it took forever to get an appointment for the template and for the actual installation. We got lucky and didn’t have to wait as long as other customers. Right now folks are waiting over a month just for counter tops! Other than the issue with Stone Etc., I don’t have much to complain about our entire kitchen reno process. In the end, it was worth all the waiting, living among chaos and basically not having a functional kitchen for over a month. We absolutely LOVE our kitchen and are beyond excited to use every aspect of it!

Kitchen Delivery 9.2.16 – The first step in our reno process (after purchasing the kitchen) was the actual delivery of everything. Never in my life have I seen soooooo many IKEA boxes. Hubby was so excited I had to hold him back from opening them up and starting to put everything together. We did take a sneak peak at one of the cabinet doors. Love it already!

Packing/Demo 9.3-9.4 – Nothing like spending Labor Day Weekend with a nasty cold and needing to pack/demo your kitchen ugh. Major props to my AMAZING hubby for not only doing ALL of the packing but also doing ALL of the demo! He’s such a stud! What I thought was going to be the hardest part of this reno turned out to really not be that bad. Kitchen was packed in one day and demo done in another. Not bad, not bad at all!

Building & Attaching Cabinets 9.6-9.9 – Domingo and his crew showed up first thing Tuesday morning and got right to work building our cabinets and getting them on the wall! We were shocked to come home that first day from work to see that we had cabinets going up on the first day. It was pretty crazy having cabinets all over the house, but man did they look good! We both just LOVE the grey color too! Pretty exciting to see the slow transformation of our kitchen.

NEW Appliances Delivery 9.10.16 – So freaking excited to have new appliances! Fancy stainless steel fridge! New microwave! An actual RANGE!!! And last but not least…FARMHOUSE SINK!!! 🙂 🙂 It’s so nice to have brand new appliances! We got them on mega sale at Pacific Sales. Along with good prices we also got FREE delivery and takeaway from some of our old appliances. Score! If you need any appliances, I highly recommend Pacific Sales.

Counter Top Template 9.14.16 – By September 9th our kitchen was pretty much done. Minus of course the counter top and backsplash. There was a bit of a hold up in getting our counter top template appointment and then the actual installation. See my comments above about Stone Etc. The below pictures is how they do the templates for the counter tops. Pretty cool! I had no clue how this was going to be done. From the pictures we were a little nervous if this was enough information to cut our counter tops…

Counter Top Install & Appliance Placement 10.4.16 – Quite a a few weeks later and we finally got our COUNTER TOPS! It was such an amazing feeling to come home and see that we had counter tops! The finish line is sooo close! Along with the counter top installation, Domingo’s crew was able to put all of our appliances in their place! Yay!!! Our kitchen actually looks more like a kitchen now!

Speaking of appliances, we were successfully able to get the fridge to fit in its place! Waaaahoooo! We ended up having to remove the door frame molding, but after that we got it to fit perfectly. I don’t even notice that we don’t have door frame molding any more.

Backsplash 10.10.16 – Can you say SUBWAY TILE?!?!?! Yes!!! Tile day finally came!! For the kitchen we went with your basic white subway tile from Lowe’s. Super easy to pick out, pretty cheap and looks fabulous! Domingo’s tile guy did a great job! Just the perfect finish touch to make our kitchen look even better!

Now it’s time to unpack our kitchen and get everything all set up! Can’t wait!

Totally Finished Kitchen 10.24.16 – Monday night we had one last walk-through with Domingo to make sure everything was OK and singed our final paperwork. KITCHEN.IS.COMPLETE!

Here are some pictures of the completed kitchen! All the scribe work is done as well as outlets put back in place. Looks so clean and sharp!

Chris and I are beyond excited to use our new kitchen and are so very thankful that this reno went so smoothly! We feel very lucky that we didn’t run into a bunch of problems or serious delays. Hey, we barely even a fights during this whole process! I say that’s really good too! 😉

Lastly, here are a few pictures of the kitchen a little more broken in! LOVE that pantry style cabinet we have and seriously love every aspect of this kitchen! ❤ ❤ ❤

Has anyone else done a kitchen reno or other major projects are their house? If you have questions, let us know! After this big reno we feel like we can tackle any project now! #joysofhomeownership

Happy Wednesday!