That’s right folks we are headed to TEXAS!


The hubby and I are off on a crazy Texas road trip to see my favorite band of all time, Dave Matthews Band. We’ve never seen the start of their summer tour before (usually we see the CA shows at the very end of the tour) and are beyond excited to attend the very first TWO shows of the summer tour! Waaaahoooo!


I’ve been a huge DMB fan and going to their concerts since I was in high school…probably circa 2001 or 2002. Looking back on all those years and concerts I don’t think I have missed a summer tour yet! There may have been a few summers when they didn’t tour, but outside of that I have made it every summer. We’ve mostly seen shows all over CA but are excited to add Texas to our list of out of state concerts (saw them in Vegas at the MGM Grand before).

I feel sort of  like a DMB groupie by following them through Texas for two shows 😉 🙂 but I am pretty ecstatic for this trip! Our great adventure is going to take us from Austin — Houston — The Woodlands — Dallas — Waco — Austin. Below is our route hahahaha. We’re crazy I know, but when in Texas you gotta do it big!


Hopefully we can squeeze in some FUN in all these cities we will be stopping in before the concerts too. I need to remind myself we are going to Texas to see DMB and for vacation, not to see every darn thing possible! Ha ha. If I’m being honest, I have to say that I CANNOT WAIT to go to WACO and visit the Magnolia Silos! Chris and I love show Fixer Upper and really hope to casually bump into Chip and Jo and become their new besties!

I have a lot of ideas of what we can do on this trip and I can’t wait to share it all when we get back! See you next week!




Happy Birthday Hubby 🎉

Quick shout out to my hubby…


Birthday cupcakes

We LOVE you so much! Wishing you a fabulous birthday and the best year ahead! You’re the BEST and I hope you have a totally awesome day! ❤❤


Love you hubby! Happy Birthday!! 🎉❤


Museum of Ice Cream 🍦🍦

Happy Thursday friends! This post is loooong over due! Sorry, things have been too busy.

We were lucky to score tickets to the MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM (MOIC)🍦🍦in San Francisco when we were there visiting a few weekends ago (3.12.18 to be exact). If you haven’t seen it yet, get tickets ASAP! They extended their stay in SF and tickets will sell out! The LA location is already relocating.

You guys the MOIC was AMAZING. Seriously SO.MUCH.FUN. It totally EXCEEDED my expectations! I mean I figured it would be fun and something different, but I had know idea how much fun I wouldn’t actually have. Get ready for picture overload.

The MOIC is actually located in the old mint building in SF which was awesome and such a great spot for this pop up museum.

Once you get inside there is a wall with a bunch of ice cream facts which were really interesting. For example, did you know:

  • The origins of ice cream traces back to almost 1,500 years to the Chinese Tang Dynasty.
  • During his presidency, George Washington spend $200 in one summer (~$5k in 2017) on ice cream.
  • Soft serve was an accident.
  • In 1984 President Reagan designates July as National Ice Cream month and the 33rd Sunday of July as National Ice Cream Day.

You will learn these facts along with so many more.

Before officially entering the MOIC your tour group is gathered to be given the rules, a quick run down of how to go through the museum and just an overall pump up session to get you excited about the museum. In the little gathering area is the following:


I tried my BEST to bust into that ice cream vault! No such luck! Note, that was the old mint vault that just got a new paint job! 😉

Next up is sort of the pre-museum room or room #1 which contains an entire wall of WHIP CREAM. You can also play a ring toss game with whip cream to win Pop Rocks and they have a sweet mini movie making station.

This guy clearly loved the wall of whip cream!

Room #2 — Marye’s Diner 🍦🍦

Next up was Marye’s Diner and our first “ice cream” treat of the most delicious soft serve! This room is all PINK and looks just like a 1950’s diner. We loved the vintage jukebox and the most hilarious records displayed on the walls! Anyone recall “Scoops, I Did It Again” by Britney Pears? Or “Beverly Chills” by Freezer. SO.FUNNY.

Room #3 — Make a Statement

This room featured all magnetic walls to make your statements. Aren’t we just the cutest?! ❤

Room #3 — Cotton Candy Clouds & BIG Cherries

The next treat we got was cotton candy! Can you smell that sweet smell of cotton candy?! Yum! At this point we opted to share all the treats…good thing because they just kept coming and coming!

I love my guy so much and that fact that he was having just as much fun as I was if not more!

Room #4 — Gummy Bears

In this room we learned that the originally gummy bears were named”Tanzbar” or “Dancing Bear” after trained bears found in European street festivals. Who knew!?!

Just had to do a quick meditation with my gummy friends!

Room #5 — Circus Animal Cookie Ride 

This was probably my second favorite room in the museum. Who wouldn’t want to ride on a giant Circus Animal Cookie?! I think our faces say it all!

Room #6 — Celebrating LOVE & Unicorns

This room was all about SF LOVE and finding a special unicorn. Before we got into the room one of the attendants in this room asked us what we stand up for. Loved that in each room they would ask you questions or make you do something silly.

The treats in this room were delicious fruit popsicles that just hit the spot. I opted for lime and it was so tasty. We were told at the beginning of our tour not to touch the unicorn horn if we found one…but I think my hubby went for it any way. Haha.

Room #7 — Mint Life

The mint room definitely smelled minty, but didn’t have a ton of stuff to do in it or look at. However, the cookies & cream mochi were pretty darn tasty! We didn’t share this treat! 🙂


Ok, so they clearly save the BEST for last. We ended the official tour of the museum with a dip in the SPRINKLE POOL! Yes you read that correct. There is a SPRINKLE POOL! OMG. This was by far my (our) faaaaaaaavorite part of the whole experience. I think these pictures really show how much fun we were having. Who knew spending some time in a pool full of sprinkles would be so much fun and make you forget about all your worries!

Patiently waiting in the pink staircase for our turn in the pool.

Learning the pool rules and eagerly waiting our turn in the pool.

PURE JOY & HAPPINESS! OMG we felt like two little kids and seriously had the BEST time taking pictures, pouring sprinkles on each other and just being goofy. Most of these pictures are live photos and really look 100% better live haha. You get the point either way.

Below is our last picture in the pool and a quick look up at more sprinkles coming down from the ceiling. They really thought of everything!

After the sprinkle pool is the gift shop and a few cool areas to take more pictures. I loved the Neapolitan ice cream sandwich swing (clearly) and the GIANT gummy bear!

We had such a great time at the MOIC! I’m so glad we were able to get tickets.  This museum is really perfect for all ages and something you don’t want to miss. Now off to try and figure out how I can make my own pool of sprinkles and where the museum will set up next!

Hope you enjoyed this post and all our silly pictures! 🍦🍦


Jack Johnson & Friends

Last night we attended the Jack Johnson & Friends benefit concert. ALL proceeds (literally everything) went back to the Santa Barbara community to help support the Thomas Fire and flood recovery. It was an awesome evening with special musical guests like ALO and Ben Harper!

Love this quote I found by Jack Johnson:

“The stretch of coast from Santa Barbara to Ventura is one of the most beautiful parts of the world with such a strong and close knit community. It was heartbreaking to have so many events affect this region in recent months. In turn, it has been inspiring to see the amount of love, hard work, and collaboration that has gone into the recovery efforts. We are excited to celebrate many of the heroes and do what we can to help rebuild our community!”

THANK YOU Jack and friends for a wonderful evening filled with lots of music, love and healing!


Happy Valentine’s Day ❤ ❤


Wishing everyone a day filled with lots of LOVE!

Today marks my 12th Valentine’s Day with my forever Valentine…my wonderful hubby. Tof, I love you more than words can probably every describe. Thank you for always loving me and making me feel so special. You’re the most wonderful man anyone could every ask for and I feel so incredibly lucky to call you my best friend and love of my life!  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  Happy Valentine’s Day! Looking forward to dinner tonight; spending time with you and snuggling with our pups!

Today we are also celebrating THREE years with Mr. Dash. You can read all about our Valentine’s Day pup here. Dash is definitely a big love bug and that has stuck since we first got him. Ha Ha Ha. He loves to give kisses and snuggle with his sister Emma and us of course! 😉

Dash is also our little trouble maker. Yesterday he thought it would be fun to celebrate by eating some gum (which apparently has a toxic ingredient to dogs) and spend 24 hours in the doggy hospital. Sigh. It looks like he’s going to be OK, but is still be monitored and having his sugar levels and liver tested. Fingers crossed he continues to do well and that we can pick him up later tonight. We certainly LOVE both of our pups very much!

❤ 2.14.15❤

Look at how little sweet Dash was?!

Handsome big boy!



Updates & Things:

Happy Monday friends! Can you believe Christmas is just ONE week away?!?!?!?

This is also my LAST week of work until our winter break/2018. Waaaahooooo! Seriously can’t wait for that. So here are some updates!

12.12.17 SIX Months at UCSB

Today is our SIX MONTH WORKIVERSARY at UCSB! Lauren and I both started on 6.12.17 and man has time flown by!

Cheers to six months and a new friendship! ❤

12.13.17 L&S Holiday Party

Today was our office Holiday Party! We had a really nice catered lunch in an event space on campus. Surprisingly, I was one of the WINNERS of our ugly sweater competition! I even got a trophy that I get to keep in my office for the next year.


Don’t you just love our group photo with our masks on? The air quality and smoke/ash is still terrible, so mask are required outside. We also got good news that we were being offered some time off (administrative leave) because of the fires, so we actually got Thursday and Friday off from work. Waaaahhoooo! After all we’ve been through and for continuing to come into work, this was super nice and very much appropriated. Thank you Chancellor Yang (finally)!

12.14.17 SB –> HB 25498059_10106148795576207_8109223752304180265_n

With no work for the next two days we packed up and headed out of town! FRESH AIR!!!!

12.15.17 STAR WARS 25443028_10106148811624047_1479113881827792578_n

Got up early and headed to the movies to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi at 7:30AM. Yes, you read that right. We went to the movies at 7:30AM. I had Starbucks on the way there and then a mini bag of popcorn because, why not. OMG it was awesome! I wouldn’t call my self a mega Star Wars fan, but I have come to really like these movies. Of course we got all caught up by watching Rogue One and The Force Awakens earlier in the week. We went to the movie theater at Bella Terra and it was truly an experience. We had assigned seats and super fancy chairs. Each seat reclined so we could totally stretch out. Next time I’m bringing my blanket. I can’t imagine seeing a moving any other way now. #spoiled



12.15.17 Half Day at Disneyland

After the movie, getting lunch and hanging out with all the pups some, we headed off to DISNEYLAND! Gotta take advantage of those season passes ha ha ha. We did a lighter day at Disney meaning we weren’t rushing around like crazy people to get on all the rides. I guess that’s one of the best benefits about having season passes. You don’t have to go crazy each time you visit the park. You can just go for a few hours, go on a few rides and then head home. We did a few fun things that we don’t normally do too:

We of course went on some rides and finally tracked down some deliciously amazing holiday treats that we’ve been seeing on Instagram at Jolly Holiday Bakery Cafe. See pictures below.

Beyond DELICIOUS! OMG can you say YUM?!?!?!?!

So the reason we didn’t do a ton at Disneyland was that we were going to be back there on Sunday with my sister in law Kristin and all the niblings. Sadly, when they arrived at Disneyland (from San Diego), both Kendall and Kristin go the stomach flu! Colton had it earlier in the week and they thought everyone else escaped it…apparently not. They literally had to clean themselves up and then drive back to SD. #sadface We were supper bummed to have missed them, but totally understood they couldn’t stay. Chris and I were both really looking forward to seeing the kiddos again and watching the Christmas Fantasy Parade. Hopefully we can see it next year.

Fire Update:

Things got pretty scary over the weekend in Santa Barbara with the Thomas Fire. The fire moved into SB County and Montecito was was under mandatory evacuation along with other parts of Santa Barbara. Sadly, some multi-million dollar homes were burned down. Check out this video. Part of 101 was even shut down because of all of this. The Thomas Fire is now the 3rd largest fire in CA historyand is looking to become #1! Since we were in Huntington Beach, we were keeping our eye on the evacuation map and general updates on the fire. Again, we got really lucky that our home wasn’t in danger and we didn’t have to evacuate. Not much we could have done anyway since we were in Huntington Beach. So far 270,500 acres have burned and it’s 45% contained. Here are several reports on the fire: NPR, CNN and Cal Fire. Please continue keep us, Santa Barbara and all those either working to stop/contain these fires or people impacted by the fire in your prayers. We need RAIN and the winds to die down. ❤ ❤

Wishing you all a great last week before Christmas. Hope you don’t have too much shopping left to do. I gotta get wrapping a bunch of presents and maybe squeeze in some cookie baking.


Colorado Weekend!

Helloooooooooo! Happy Sunday night! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are gearing up for another week. This post is a little long over due but here’s all about our weekend in Colorado from earlier this month.

We caught an EARLY flight out of Orange County on 10.6.17 to Denver Colorado for one of Chris’ friends from PA schools weddings. Luckily, our dear friends Jess & Dan were also joining us on the trip. #McDahlins (combo of our last names), how we refer to the four of us and our hashtag for any time we are together. Here’s a snap shot of what we did over the course of three days!

10.7.17 — Downtown Denver & Red Rocks 

After we arrived in and got our rental car we headed to downtown Denver and straight to lunch at 5280 Burger Bar. One of my students from SJSU told me about this place a few years ago when I was in Denver for a conference and it did not disappoint. Just as good a few years later! Yummmmm! After lunch we walked around some (weather was 73* and just perfect) and then went over to the Colorado State Capitol. I did this last time I was in Denver for that conference, but it’s so worth it to go again. Located at the capitol is a step that reads “One Mile Above Sea Level.” I learned last time, that where it reads this is actually not the true one-mile marker. Ha Ha. The inscription was made based on measuring techniques from 1909, by students of the University of Denver. Originally, a brass cap was installed to commemorate this first measurement, but after the cap was stolen seven times in a matter of 38 years, the state carved the claim into the stone step itself. It turns out that the true maker of “one mile above sea level” is on the 13th step — we took note and of course lots of pictures!


Next we headed to our hotel in Ken Caryl and relaxed for awhile before we headed to Red Rocks Amphitheater for a concert. Going to Red Rocks has been on my bucket list for a looooong time. Luckily I got to visit when I was in Colorado a few years ago for that conference I keep talking about. We did A LOT while we were conferencing haha. Now show, but we walked around, had lunch, went to the museum and took tons of pictures! This time, we saw a SHOW and O.M.G. it was unbelievable!!! Kinda random, but we saw the X Ambassadors and Weezer. Although it wasn’t DMB (my favorite), it was a freaking incredible show! We’ve seen Weezer before (in Santa Barbara actually) and I wasn’t a huge fan of the X Ambassadors. After this show, big fans of both! They killed it!

Red Rocks is a stellar venue and the acoustics are crazy good.  We can’t wait to come back for another show. Hopefully it will be to DMB haha. 🙂

10.8.17 — Hiking, Golden, Co. and a wedding! 

After breakfast we decided to do a little hiking and found a great place just down from our hotel. We ended up at South Valley Park in Littleton, Colorado. Hello gorgeous red rocks and yellow aspen trees! I love fall; I love Colorado; and I love the Colorado Aspen Trees! While in Colorado, I was really hoping we would get some fall weather (not much of that in CA so far) and get to see some of the changing tree colors…well we sure did! Gosh this place was just beautiful! I couldn’t get over all the natural beauty and stunning red rocks! We saw so may people out hiking — kids, dogs, all kinds of people! Could totally see US doing that if we lived in CO. Hint hint.

After hiking through South Valley Park we headed to Golden, Colorado to check out the town per Heather’s recommendation. Golden is the most adorable town! It’s named Golden — Where the West Lives and it really lived up to all it’s charm! Golden is known as a Gold Rush town and also the location of Coors Brewery among many other way cooler breweries. After walking and exploring a bit, we grabbed delicious sandwiches from D’Deli and ate lunch by the river. Then we wandered over to a super cool brewery called Barrels & Bottles. My husband seriously always finds the best places for us to check out.

Next up was Heather & Corey’s wedding!! Heather, Chris and Jess are all friends from PA school. We were so excited to come out to Colorado for her wedding. A few years ago we saw Heather at Jess & Dan’s wedding so it was really fun to be at her wedding now. Heather and Corey got married in one of the most beautiful locations I think I’ve ever been at for a wedding. Arrowhead Gold Club in Littleton, Colorado was breathtaking. They got married against the most beautiful backdrop. I can’t wait to see their pictures because they are going to be fabulous! The views were just stunning. So gorgeous and such a perfect October day for a wedding. We were warned that we might see some wildlife during the ceremony, but we didn’t end up seeing any haha. These pictures don’t even do justice for how beautiful it was! ❤

Viewwwws for daaaaaaaays! So great. Heather looked beautiful and I LOVED her dress! The ceremony was short and sweet, so we got right to the party! There were also a few other friends from PA school (Erin and Suzanne) so it was great to catch up with them too. Per our style, we shut that party down! Danced all night and kept the PAR-TAY going! We had an absolute blast and it looks like Heather and Corey did too! So happy for you both! Congrats again! ❤ ❤

During the day we heard there was a winter storm coming, but clearly from the gorgeous wedding photos it hadn’t arrived yet. By the time we left the wedding it was a massive wind/rain storm! It was crazy getting back to the hotel and we got totally soaked. I was not so secretly praying for SNOW and to be stuck in Denver all week haha. Got part of my wish…because the next morning we woke up to freaking SNOW! Not just a little snow dusted on the ground but serious SNOW. SNOW. SNOW! — SNOW = dream come true!

Monday morning was like Christmas morning for me! I was so excited to be waking up to a real Colorado snow storm. They have a saying in Colorado, “if you don’t like the weather, wait a minute.” Well we sure got a little of ALL the weather in Colorado this weekend — sunny/ warm 73*, a little cool fall type weather in the mornings, rain/wind and then SNOW! Jess and Dan weren’t too impressed with the snow, but I was digging it! I was excited to even clear off all the snow from our car! I think that proves I’m ready to MOVE to Colorado. Of course my husband was wearing shorts. Can’t take the CA out of that guy!

We had an absolute BLAST in Colorado and I can’t wait to go back soon! Seriously, I’m ready to move! I know we just moved to Santa Barbara, but Colorado would be super cool too! 😉 I know we might have to wait on that move for a bit, but Chris did like Colorado so that’s a huge plus!


Found the BEST hat at the airport that I just had to get. I may be a CA girl, but I’m ready for living life in Colorado! ❤ I mean look at that HAPPY face!!

Hope you enjoyed reading about our adventures in Colorado. Have a good Sunday night and a great Monday!