Happy 65th Birthday DAD!!

Over the weekend we celebrated my Dad’s 65th birthday! His actually birthday was on Saturday, March 7, 2015, but we celebrated last night. WOW 65…that’s kind of a big deal! I didn’t really think about too much, but then it hit me. Sixty-five is a big milestone and something to really celebrate! So glad we got together and had such a good time!

For dinner we got together as a family and had ate at one of our favorite restaurants TOWN in San Carlos. OMG the food and cocktails are sooooo delicious!!! I highly recommend TOWN for anyone who loves a good steak or cocktail!

Here were are all together at TOWN! I think we sit at this booth almost every time…hehe


Complimentary birthday dessert. Bring on the warm bread pudding and extra spoons!!!! Soooooo delicious!


After dinner we went back to the house for pictures, presents and cake! It was really fun celebrating my Dad’s big 65 and getting him lots of fun gifts! He got a bunch of books (the guy loves to read…I wonder where I get that from), tickets to a Giants game, a new tie, a Giants t-shirt and tickets to three different lectures at the Norris Theater in San Francisco. GREAT picture with my Dad and his girls as well as our big group selfie! My hubby is getting pretty good at taking these!

 11025876_10103756224432957_4468175231268979260_o   11030159_10103756224597627_5515674109284720442_o

For dessert we had the 2nd most moist/delicious carrot cake (the first was from our wedding). My mom got the cake from SusieCakes, another great place in San Carlos. The cakes are always really fresh, have great decorations and the frosting is to die for! This is becoming another favorite spot. I think we need one down in the South Bay! PLEASE?!?!?

17820_10103756238883997_3765746129042908635_n  11042988_10103756238893977_6808713877095034126_n

It was a wonderful evening celebrating my Dad. This guys means the absolute world to me and has always loved and supported me. Thanks Dad for being such a wonderful example and for being the BEST Dad a girl could ever ask for! You are amazing and I love so much! Hope you had a fabulous day and fun time celebrating!





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